• I HATE doing television.  I like having done television, except the part where people email me misogynist emails after, but I hate doing it.  Except PBS.  PBS is awesome.  But network tv, I hate it so much.  And yet, I keep doing it.  I miss radio.
  • The church around the corner from my sister’s house has “black lives matter” on its message board.
  • It is so hot.  I am not going outside again until Fall.
  • Sigh.  Since we’re no longer in Paradise, Outback has become an acceptable take-out option again.  I keep thinking, “we should totally walk into downtown tonight” and then remember that we can’t, and even if we could there wouldn’t be anything there worth eating anyway because it’s the wrong downtown.  Our downtown is literally >50% bars.  Sigh.
  • Strongbow is so yummy but man is my alcohol tolerance low.
  • I dreamed about a pilot for a Vulcan drama called Spockticus.  But the network decided it wanted a light-hearted comedy instead and renamed it Cupid.
  • Julian Assange was speaking on NPR so I flipped to the other public radio station.  It usually plays oldies in the morning but the host is a misogynist creep so I don’t tend to listen much if he’s talking.  (The radio station does have other shows that are totally awesome, just not this one.)  I heard, for the first time in my life, the unedited lyrics to Take a Walk on the Wild Side.  Yes, as Wikipedia says, the reference to “colored girls” is problematic to US audiences.  Ugh.
  • DC2 hates cheese and loves broccoli.  This seems backwards to me, but kind of makes sense in that one has to get nutrients from somewhere.  (In fact, the only milk product DC2 will eat in sizeable quantities is ice cream.  Zie doesn’t seem to be allergic, but who knows.)
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6 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Practical Parsimony Says:

    About allergies–Mama said I refused to allow meat to pass through my lips until I was six years old. For the last 35 years or so, I have commented to people that I think I am allergic to beef. It turns out I am. However, I am allergic to any product that comes from a mammal. If I eat any meat or product of a mammal, I am in danger of anaphylaxis. Things I have hated–peas, pickles, fermented foods, pickled anything–I am allergic to. Plus, I am allergic to wheat, cashews, Brazil nuts, and filberts.

    I am still going through withdrawal–shaking and feeling so horrible that I cried most of one day. I have had a headache for a week. Not having dairy is the worst part. My tinnitus went away. Ears quit hurting. Throat is not sore. I have no sinus problems. Lungs are clear. Skin is no longer itchy. Blood sugar has stabilized.

    • Practical Parsimony Says:

      Somehow, I could not finish the comment. Now, I wish I had known what I do now when my children just refused to eat some foods. Could they have been so allergic that I was putting their lives in danger? Oh, the best result is that I no longer need protonix for reflux. Consequently, I only take two meds each day levothyroxin and something else I cannot remember. But, I have added an Epipen.

  2. Jenny F Scientist Says:

    If I got to choose one dairy product, ice cream would be it!

  3. Steph Says:

    Maybe it’s just something about the taste or texture of cheese? My sister strongly disliked milk growing up. She would eat it on cereal, and eat ice cream or (american) cheese, but she still won’t drink milk. No allergy, though she does have a calcium deficiency (her excuse for wanting ice cream when we were growing up ‘but I need my calcium!’)

  4. chacha1 Says:

    Whereas I will only WILLINGLY eat broccoli if it has cheese on it. :-)

    “Spockticus” HAHAHAHHAAA oh please this must happen

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