Sunday link love

This week was pretty hectic, so link love is late.  If we don’t update regularly through the month of September, it’s because we’re busy.

Why is media mostly ignoring Trump Foundation Pay for Play story.  How the media is turning the Clinton Foundation’s “optics” or “potential” for wrong-doing, even though they *did nothing wrong* and have saved thousands and thousands of lives into another “scandal

Oh man, NYTimes, wtf.

I love propane jane so much

This week in F the police.  SRSLY, Santa Clara?

Laws restricting abortion hurt women literally

Patriarchy smash!

Important experiment

Ailes attempts to smear reporter

ICYMI, and you might have since I read a CNN article where they cover the Maine governor’s expletive response towards being called racist but didn’t mention why he was called racist in the first place (answer: he’s dangerously racist)

wow, it really is modern-day slavery, complete with company store, ICYMI:  Trump’s illegal use and abuse of teenage illegal immigrants for modeling

The stuff about Trump in just August alone is insane when you put it together into one article.  And yet… he is rising in the polls as the mainstream media tries to manufacture fake scandals about HRC.  Are they afraid Trump will sue?  Does Ailes have blackmail on key people?  Are they just trying to promote a horse-race narrative?  Is it underlying misogyny?  Whatever it is they are playing with danger.

Why does the NYTimes have any readers left?

Could the election be hacked?  Seriously, we are in the worst-written Thriller/spy/con book right now.  It’s like our reality was written by Donald Westlake or something.  Also:  Russian hackers alter hacked documents… which makes sense, why just release them when you could do so much more damage?

Nasa agrees 100% with high school me.  Take that sexist physics teacher who didn’t think the people aspect of getting people to mars was important (and thought we’d have a space elevator two years ago).

So much outrage

I like the cut of this guy’s jib

More patriarchy

Ugh twitter.

Wedding steps


lego grad student


These are true

Sharing the pain

Cat comics


Time to lifestream some kittens.

2 Responses to “Sunday link love”

  1. yuppiemillennial Says:

    News outlets are manufacturing a political horserace for clicks. NYT has been particularly irresponsible and eyeroll-worthy. So much for the “liberal media.”

  2. chacha1 Says:

    that is one of the prettiest kittens who ever kittened.

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