Jury duty and videos (kitten and otherwise)

In which #1 tries to stave off boredom in the crowded jury assembly room by bothering #2.

#1: welp, I’m sitting in a grim jury assembly room next to a grimmer basement cafeteria. What mischief shall erupt?  Signs say, “Do not stand in this corner. Take a seat.”

I mean…. it’s better than being at work?

well crap, my leg is asleep from these chairs. And no standing in the corner. I guess I can stand up in the cafeteria next door, though.  My mom was on a Grand Jury for a month of drug dealers and child molestation cases. She said it was gross.

who knows, maybe I’ll get called!

The chronicle fora are talking about pasta. Oh man. Do want! (Not hopeful about the options in the cafeteria here…. although it does say today’s special is spaghetti…. sigh)

Marijuana Improves Night Vision of Tadpoles, Study Suggests

I want this now: Tonight’s pasta: tomatoes from the farmers’ market, feta, garlic, parsley, olive oil, and a dash of white wine. Simple and perfectly late summer, with an ear of corn also from the farmers’ market on the side.

ooh this looks good too: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/browned-onion-kugels-231507

also the video they had us watch about being jurors was a masterpiece of … something.

“Deliberation was my favorite part!” –former juror

#2 says:  I liked being on the traffic jury.  There was video and everything of him not stopping at a stop sign.  His argument was that he’d stopped Before the video part– which was like a full car length before the stop sign– which didn’t count as stopping.  So that was super easy… very unlike all the other jury deliberation processes I’ve been on.  It took less time than the first round of jury selection because it was so unimportant.

#1:  My partner and I have a bet about which part of my life would get me thrown out first.  I have a PhD, I want to smash the patriarchy, and the criminal justice system is racist. Go to town.

Also, I was on jury duty the same day as Taylor Swift!!!  (Not in the same state though.)

argle I’m back from lunch and we have to watch the video again!

Ours is a state of beauty…. harmony… but not always. Sometimes we have conflicts. Who can decide fairly? who can make decisions without any personal bias? Many times, we don’t trust any single individual to decide the case.  There are times when no one person should have so much power.  “I feel our system is a bit better than other countries. You get to go to trial” –former Juror.

#2: But Ms. Video Person!  Jury selection is still really racist.  Lawyers can remove a person for any reason.

Democracy is made real every day by thousands of juries across the country

#2: Prosecutors know that black jurors are more likely to find black defendants innocent, so they come up with bogus reasons to remove them, and those bogus reasons have to be accepted.

Even though it means that large swaths of our country are not actually represented fairly.  Leading to a racist justice system.  Prosecutors, just trying to win their cases, will inject racism into the proceedings.  The system is set up so that there is no alternative but racism.

#1:  The attorneys will make opening statements. (fun fact: these are not evidence)  This video is 2/3 done I think….

You’ll weigh what is important, and what is the truth. You will use your everyday common sense.  [p.s. closing statements are not evidence either. They are points of view.] These POVs may oppose each other! Only the jury can decide.

“Trying to come to some sort of agreement with 12 perfect strangers was my favorite part of the whole thing.”  –former Juror.  You may organize yourselves as seems best. It will be your duty to give your opinion, and also, to listen to other. Everyone counts. ..  The decision of the jury has been made! Justice has been served. [I didn’t paraphrase this part, I swear]  “I came out of this process more confident in the system!”


quick, time to look at kittens!  http://livestream.com/tinykittens/felicity  Here comes mommy. Baff-time!  Mommy does baff; kitten tries to baff mommy.  Mutual baff.

Here’s #2’s experience on jury duty.

#1:  sigh.  KITTENS.  baby will wrestle mama! no bafftime anymore! oops more bafftime.  Are you seeing how cute this is!  it’s even cuter when they all chirrup at each other.

Now little boy chews his own hand, little girl has fallen asleep.  They have gotten so big! uh oh, brother wants to wrestle sister.  Sister says, BOP on your face!  Sister and brother say, wrassle wrassle. Mama says, I baff my foot.  Mama says, I FEEL LIKE SOMEONE IS WATCHING ME.  Sister has murdered a feather; brother is involved with red fishy toy.

#2:  maybe you could blog about this?

What’s your favorite video about actual justice in the justice system?


4 Responses to “Jury duty and videos (kitten and otherwise)”

  1. chacha1 Says:

    They must use the same footage for all juror orientation videos in all the land. I mean, if they use the same ones where you are and where I am, I can’t imagine the rest of the country bothering to make different ones. :-)

    kitten livestream is way too potentially distracting. must. not. look.

  2. First Gen American Says:

    Got called for grand jury once. It was a growth experience for me. Coming from poverty and rising above my station in life, I had very little empathy for those still stuck in it. I thought arrogantly that all it takes is hard work to get ahead. But, I didn’t come from a family of drug dealers or multigenerational welfare recipients. I am white. These poor kids are surrounded by Drugs from birth and it’s no wonder they start life in juvy. All it takes is one undercover cop to knock on your door to get a record. Even if you are smart and motivated, it’s hard to avoid getting a criminal record. The amount of abuse and neglect and racial profiling is just horrid. I realized just how lucky I was to have good role models in life, even if they were not well off. I have a lot more empathy now towards the downtrodden.

    The incest cases were the most disturbing. Poor kids.

    • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

      Poor kids indeed. I don’t know how people live with the people who commit it and pretend that it didn’t happen. I have a friend who was molested as a child by a family member and her parents knew but swept it under the rug for reasons I completely could not understand.

      On jury selection and service: So many people fail to realize the privilege that informs their lives and what it takes (more than simple ability!) to climb out of poverty or poor conditions (though I wouldn’t expect any less from Grumpeteers). More of us needs to be on juries.

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