Land of the answered googled questions

Q:  romance novel.with.character having.big.boobs

A:  Bet me.

Q:  how do raises work

A:  #1 wouldn’t know.  Ask #2.

Q:  Can you have vertical blinds and horizontal in the same room

A:  You have many choices in life.

Q:  matter which scholastic flyer order from

A:  I hope not!

Q:  what to do with a starting bonus

A:  Do you have an emergency fund?  Did you max out your IRA contributions?  Have you paid off high-interest debt?  Are you maxing out your work retirement savings?  Are you on track or ahead with your other savings goals?  If yes, give some to charity and blow the rest on crack.  (Not the bad kind of crack– get really good books or something.)

Q:  how much time off work do american professors get?

A:  all the time (outside of class and meetings) and none of the time

Q:  how can a teacher help a student who complain of falling test

A:  Ask your teacher and ze will tell you what zhe recommends.

Q:  what to do with 25k

A:  paypal to grumpyrumblings at gmail dot com (Or see above with the starting bonus– that’s a better idea, really.)

Q:  if majority of mortgage is paid can you still foreclose

A:  Probably yes, but this may vary by state.  Check with your state’s mortgage lending laws or consult an attorney.

Q:  what page us the sex scene in before i fall

A:  Don’t know the answer to this one, but it sounds kinda kinky

5 Responses to “Land of the answered googled questions”

  1. becca Says:

    “Before I Fall” has an Amazon search feature. I can find nothing kinky, alas.
    Also, were young adult novels always that… dark?

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Maybe you should go ask alice that question?

    • chacha1 Says:

      or go check out where the red fern grows
      or the red pony
      or my friend flicka
      or Bambi

      I think what’s different about the “darkness” of today’s YA novels is that they are more apt to deal with sex and drugs and abuse issues, or emotional/mental health issues. In the past there was more straight-up tragedy, and the use of animal characters as proxy victims for all the horrible things that actually happen to adolescents.

  2. chacha1 Says:

    “how can a teacher help a student who complain of falling test” = direct that student to remedial English classes, stat.

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