Another late link love

Modern lynching involves burning people in cars.  Another activist murdered this year.

Arrested for exercising free speech against racism.

I am totally with Hillary Clinton and was just yesterday reminded of this double bind.  Several times, both with a bullying colleague and a cluelessly entitled student.  But what could she do?

Matt Lauer has a history of being a sexist turd.  Allowing him that stage is harmful.

Nobody ever tells Trump to smile.

Donald Trump still hasn’t released his tax returns.

After bribing Attorney General Pam Bondi to drop the lawsuit against Trump University, Trump held an additional fundraiser for her and charged way less for his properties than he’s charging people who donate to his campaign.  That’s right, Trump is making money off his campaign from people donating.

Shut down the Trump Organization NOW.  It’s not like anybody will die of aids or bad water if you do.

WaPo says the email story is out of control, and it is right.  Also, this news story, WOW.

How the media undermine American democracy.

I only got 50% on the quiz in the middle of this article.  It was really hard!

Colin Kaepernick is a hero.

Guac the vote.

Bardiac discusses trigger warnings, and more than that, who they affect and questions why so many of them affect women– why is there so much violence against women everywhere?

This person is amazing!

What to do after paying off your mortgage.

Why does #2 get cookies and why doesn’t she share with me?

grape beard

One Response to “Another late link love”

  1. Dave Says:

    I got 7/8 on the quiz, guessed the last one wrong.

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