Stickers I deserve

Hello, I deserve stickers for doing good things!   (#IAdultedToday)

I wrote 1.5 pages on the L&K paper and edited more.

I have >2 papers under review right now.  (not sure where one is?)

I Left Work At Work (at least twice).  I am working on doing this more and not bringing annoyedness home with me.  Reward me!

I cooked food and cleaned some of the bathroom.  Sent my brother a birthday card in plenty of time!

Tried to be patient with my boss.  Failed to catch up on journal service.

I went to bed at a reasonable hour, DESPITE reading a fun book.

Took care of oil change, smog check, car registration well before the deadline.

Put a socially-responsible book on my library hold list.

here are some more example stickers.

What grownup stickers do you deserve, Grumpeteers?

17 Responses to “Stickers I deserve”

  1. gwinne Says:

    you sound very productive and adulty :) Hope re-entry has been smooth!

  2. monsterzero Says:

    +1 sticker for one-year anniversary at new(ish) tech-support job and for leaving terrible old bookkeeping/office managing job.
    +1 sticker for going to Sweetie’s vaguely work-related social event and actually being sort of social there.
    +1 sticker for upcoming one-year wedding anniversary! We married for the health insurance when I changed jobs, but still.

    Minus 1 sticker for messy desk at home, haven’t put away laundry, etc.

  3. chacha1 Says:

    6 straight Saturdays doing gym with my girlfriend
    paying off car loan way early
    drawing down the DTB library
    finishing the DVD purge

  4. Kellen Says:

    Tried to send my friends gifts for Sept 15th tax deadline. Had stuff ready today, but couldn’t stomach the cost of over night shipping, so they’ll get their gifts on Sept 16th. Maybe next year….

  5. Katherine Says:

    I made it through the beginning of my first semester as a tenure-track faculty member!

    I sewed a birthday dress for my niece who is about to turn 3 and delegated taking it to the post office to my husband.

    I weeded my garden a bunch of times, because the weeds keep growing. Then I ate food that I grew myself.

  6. J Liedl Says:

    I didn’t snark at someone who misunderstood a plan, even when that confusion now requires me to take a chainsaw to my carefully balanced schedule.

  7. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    I got a flu shot. They gave me an actual sticker for my employee ID. It says, Be Flu Free.

  8. sophylou Says:

    I don’t deserve a sticker. A colleague yelled at me today and I didn’t stay calm.

    I would, however, really like a new job. I am overdue for a change.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      You deserve a sticker for having to deal with that.

      • sophylou Says:

        Ha! Maybe one that’s a little old and frayed around the edges :S I have a lot of anxiety around losing my temper (because oh boy do I have one), and this was such an explicitly personal attack that I just couldn’t not respond.

        Would that I were in a field with a more robust job market!

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