Ask the grumpies: PF blogs?

Rosa asks:

Are there any PF blogs, not on your blogroll, that you recommend?

As you note, we read the ones on our blogroll.  From miser-mom, one of us reads Planting Our Pennies.  From Donna Freedman I’ll often click on Ipickuppennies.

Feral homemaking doesn’t update anymore, but her blogroll is pretty active, so sometimes it’s worth clicking on that.  Most of the stuff on her blogroll is about living on a lot less, which really isn’t our thing these days.  Standouts include Non-consumer advocate and the frugal girl, which is kind of the opposite of non-consumer advocate in that it often has sponsored posts.  I find I really can’t read a lot of the other blogs like I used to because I feel guilty for having so much when some people have so little.

I used to read a bunch of stuff off of femme frugality‘s blogroll, but she got rid of the blogroll so I only rarely catch up on savespendsplurge or budgetandthebeach and similar well-heeled formerly 20-something bloggers.  If she still had the blogroll I would probably read more of their posts when the titles were interesting.

Other regular reads include:

A Gai Shan Life, but she’s not solely PF.

nzmuse, similar to a gai shan life in terms of not being solely pf

Occasional reads include:

Afford Anything – she posts about once a month and her posts are really interesting– usually she’s only talking about real estate investing which I have less than zero interest in (like, you would have to pay me a ton to get me to do real estate investing), but despite that, I still find it fascinating.

Leighpf – every post that Leigh does is a gem, but unfortunately for us she’s been posting *less* than once a month.  We are grateful that she still comments on other people’s blogs!  I’d say she’s the one PF blogger that I still learn things from.  I would be interested in knowing what PF blogs *she* finds useful.  (Note:  sometimes she points out good posts on her twitter feed.)

a windy city gal sometimes posts about finances

solitary diner sometimes posts about finances

stacking pennies updates once or twice a month

retirebyforty  doesn’t really have anything for me, but I’m vaguely interested in Joe’s financial life

club thrifty  Their posts are mostly PF 101 or travel hacks, so I only stop by occasionally these days.

evolving pf  Only posts about once a month now and mostly only life updates.

Financial Sam –  I suspect that many of his posts are just trolling, but occasionally I’ll stop by out of morbid curiosity.

yuppiemillennial —  She posts somewhat sporadically or I’d read her more regularly instead of waiting for her to comment here.  I did read her engineering PF blog regularly but she took it down.

I would read more formerly oilandgarlic, formerly etc.   But either she’s on a hiatus or she’s moved to another blog that I haven’t figure out yet!

Blogs I don’t read often but (I think) are still around:

There are a bunch of bloggers who used to comment on our blog but no longer do.  Whenever I stop by out of curiosity, I notice that their posts tend to be PF 101 stuff, so there’s not much incentive to stop by regularly.  People who are just starting (probably not Rosa) would probably find them more useful.  These include folks like squirrelers, budgeting the fun stuff, step away from the mall, retire by 40, little house, etc.  (For all I know some of these may have been sold.)

From time to time I’ll look at frugalwoods, but I dunno, before they moved I started to find the blog to be pretty repetitive and after they moved it became less interesting.  When the headline on Mr. Money Moustache is interesting, I’ll read that off Miser mom’s blog roll.

So I really don’t have anything new for you!  I bet there’s not a single name up there that you don’t recognize.

But maybe our readers have suggestions?

29 Responses to “Ask the grumpies: PF blogs?”

  1. Leigh Says:

    I have been busy with getting married! (!!!) Will start posting again at some point when things settle.

  2. middle_class Says:

    I’ve been busy with a new job and dealing with insurance he’ll. I still read your blog regularly though.

  3. anandar Says:

    Ournextlife is a favorite PF blog of mine– I am not on the “early retirement” track that they are, but their posts are still compelling. And regular– I appreciate blogs that regularly update. :) And from them I found and some other good ones.

    But overall, I have fewer PF blogs that I really enjoy, which I am sorry about, because I enjoy the chance to observe details musings about people’s financial lives that I don’t have in real life.

  4. SP Says:

    My list overlaps quite a bit (but is smaller). There is a slew of great newer blogs that I just haven’t gotten into – NZMuse often links to some good ones in her link roundups.

    I want to update more, but I feel like I have nothing interesting to say… :/

  5. chacha1 Says:

    I read this blog, Donna Freedman, Money Boss, MMM, and Afford Anything because like you I have sub-zero interest in real-estate investing but I find the process vicariously fascinating. :-) Also it’s written entertainingly.

    At nearly 51 it’s fair to say the “early retirement” ship has sailed for me, and with fixed residential expenses in excess of $3000/mo., the extreme-frugality canoe has been sunk. There’s not much more I could cut out of my personal spending without making my life Zero Fun.

    I don’t think the internet really has anything to teach me about how to manage my budget, and generally peoples’ ideas of how to earn more money boil down to “work a second full-time job” and frankly, if that’s what it would take to achieve retirement by 55, it’s not going to happen because that would also make my life Zero Fun.

    I would write more about money, but I am an outlier on so many charts that I don’t believe my experience would be particularly illuminating, and also there’s that thing about “regular posts.” Because so little changes in my life, there’s really only a couple times a year that writing a finance post would produce something that could be described as “new.” Like: we did open enrollment this spring and I changed from a Dental PPO to a Dental HMO plan, saving $100/mo on the premium. The only way to turn that into a blog post is to do a comparison of dental insurance plans, which has no relevance to any reader outside the blogger’s individual market, and also is boring as f**k to write, so the only reason to write it is if a company is sponsoring it, and then what good is the comparison anyway from the reader’s point of view.

    I think that’s why most PF blogs have a short lifespan. They are only interesting while the blogger is in change mode. After that, what else can they come up with – comparisons of credit cards and travel hacks? Ecch.

  6. yuppiemillennial Says:

    I like Gen Y Finance Guy, he’s kind of like the non-troll version Financial Sam. I also read The Billfold regularly, but that is very millennial oriented and has a /r/lostgeneration feel to it.

  7. eemusings Says:

    Thanks! I think we enjoy similar things, I agree with many of your comments/observations here. Is middleclassrev really oilandgarlic??

    I adore The Billfold too but I think its heyday is now past.

    Seem to be a lot of FIRE blogs popping up lately which is an area that doesn’t really interest me.

  8. J Liedl Says:

    So many interesting recommendations. I’m wondering if there’s anyone blogging PF in Canada that you recommend or know. I liked Gail Vaz-Oxlade but she’s moving into retirement or so it appears. The other one I know is “Boomer & Echo” but I need to sit down and do a serious read through to catch up to what they’re writing about now and not just digging through some old posts!

  9. Linda Says:

    Ah, I missed a potential signal boost! This is why I’m not moving into the “professional blogger” realm; I should have put up a new post as soon as I saw my blog listed here! I’ve been too focused on work and health stuff lately to write much, but I have a significant amount of downtime coming up soon (medical leave for at least 6 weeks starting with surgery this Wednesday) and hope to spend some of that time writing. I have some things to write about that have a financial angle, too.

  10. Donna Freedman Says:

    Thanks for mentioning me and also my daughter at I Pick Up Pennies! Am writing this from the Financial Blogger Conference, where some of the folks you mentioned were up for awards. Some won, some didn’t. (See #PlutusAwards if you want to know more.)

    And we got to meet Revanche of AGSL in person! What fun.

    I’ve posted less lately due to writing, self-publishing and figuring out how to promote a book. Would like that to change, but Vol. 2 of the book needs to be written as well.

    I think PF blogging in general is evolving from the 2007 version (holycrapRECESSIONlostmyjobcan’tpaybillsHELPMEHELPME) to a more profit-focused model. Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting to make money off your writing, but some of the newer (and older!) writers are regarding blogs as strictly businesses vs. personal missions to help people with their money.

    And I think that will change back once the next recession occurs (I feel that one is imminent but I hope that professional economist you can talk me out of this). Suddenly a whole new wave of folks will need information on stretching every dollar, making small amounts of money stretch verrrrry far and having a life while living on less. (Which is the topic of my book, in fact.)

    Besides, when some folks say that hard times are coming back, I like to point out that for a lot of people, hard times never went away.

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