A play for 3 actors

Player 1:  Whose woods are these

I think I know

They belong to

Bick Pentameter

Player 2:  Who is Bick Pentameter

Player 3 (emerging from leafy shadows):  I am

Bick Pentameter


[Players bow]





Thanks to DH who suggested, “Bick Pentameter” for the first line, “I am” when DC1 came home with a “personal poem” that forced hir to fill in the blanks after partial sentences.  Sometimes I really wonder if I married an engineer.  In his defense, he notes it doesn’t have quite the same ring as “I am Batman.”

4 Responses to “A play for 3 actors”

  1. Contingent Cassandra Says:

    I’m just relieved that (a) there wasn’t a gun and (b) it didn’t go off (or, more properly, get fired at a “trespasser” who was doing no real harm.

    Yes, my reaction may be colored/conditioned by current events. It never occurred to me that Frost’s speaker might be in danger of being shot (despite his fairly regular depiction of less-than-perfectly-friendly neighbors), but reading the play, that was what I anticipated.

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