Link love!

Like a Grand Piano.  Fact checking.

I wish I were even half as cool.

F the police

Trump refuses to shake Lester Holt’s hand.

A topical review of a hitler bio (that never mentions trump by name…)

ICYMI, and you might have MI because RUSSIAN HACKERS attacked Newsweek shortly thereafter for reporting this story, Trump visited Cuba illegally.

So many lawsuits

aw snap

Haha. You mean a group created to steal from the government has leaders who misuse funds meant for the group? Shocking! It’s like the opposite of ironic. Like, no duh.

In a really weird synergy, I’d been looking at the 990 datasets on behalf of a colleague and just for fun, I found the Clinton Global Initiative but couldn’t find the Trump foundation one.  Because it was in the dataset with private foundations, not public foundations.  Turns out that’s a problem.  (Also not paying income tax on earnings— problem.)

Kirk Douglas is 100 and has something to say.

Please let it become cool to admit loving HRC.

Be careful of OSX Sierra.

Good grief.  And an update.

Why and how Charles Shulz introduced Franklin.

DH bought the Spock one.

Not of general interest has a book out!

What halfbanked learned about tracking her spending for a year.

Apparently this is the best actor of the 20th century but we have very little sound footage of her– she was mostly on stage or silent.  Just one screen test.

The last line!


A shorter wall might have a use

Onion ninjas in this link love.  Also this one.

I fully endorse this.  Also this.

History of Social Dance.

New standalone story from NK Jemison

morning happy

In case you don’t know who Jim Halpert is.

One Response to “Link love!”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Here’s one we missed.
    We’d post it next week but with the election this season as it is, boy is it all going to be old news in a week.

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