Are you registered to vote (in the US)?

Last year my (red, Southern, affected by the VRA) state lost my voter registration and put me in limbo, but oddly they did not lose my DH’s.  Instead, just for fun, they misread DH’s response to their snail mail asking if he wanted to stay registered as a “no” instead of a “yes” and cut him off.  We each had to file another form with the county office to get reinstated.  You may want to check up on yours, you know, just in case.

There are a lot of ways to check your voter registration.

Probably the easiest is to type into google, “am I registered to vote“.  Google will respond with information that is specific to your state.  It’s lovely.

If that doesn’t work for you for whatever reason, has a lovely page that will link you to all the different state sites where you can check across the country.

After checking the status of your registration, most of these sites will have a link for you to register to vote.  You can again google “how do I register to vote” and google will take you to the appropriate site, or is a website that will take you to the state registration site appropriate for you.

Some states will allow you to register online, but for others you still have to mail in information.

Deadlines are starting to hit now.  Again, googling, “voter registration date” will get you the information relevant to you, or you can look at a page like this one.   Note also that some places want snail registrations by the date listed whereas others will accept post-marked by the date listed.  If you haven’t registered to vote in the US yet and you are eligible we’re really getting to the time where there’s not much time left.

If you’re in a state that you’re sure isn’t going to change one way or the other, don’t be so sure.  Polling has been getting all sorts of messed up as people move from landlines to cellphones and we don’t really know the underlying trends like we did even 12 years ago.  In addition, this election has been like no other.  Bigots are excited about the pro-Bigot candidate, whereas everyone else is terrified of Trump.  There’s a lot of silent Clinton supporters out there in red states, as well as bigots you will hopefully never cross paths with.  Anything could happen.  (Plus downstream ballots are also important!)

So, vote!  Tell your friends, family, etc. to register before it’s too late!  The future of the free world may depend on it.

Are you registered to vote?

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23 Responses to “Are you registered to vote (in the US)?”

  1. chacha1 Says:

    Definitely registered. We get voter information (sample ballot, brochure with text of propositions, etc) by mail, so as long as that stuff keeps showing up we are good. :-)

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:


      I wish we had a brochure. We have a ton of contested local elections this year (very unusual) and it has been impossible to find any information on the candidates. It’s not like we can vote straight D either– most of these folks have put down “independent” or “unaffiliated” which is smart of them.

      • Debbie M Says:

        In my state, we have a couple of weeks of early voting where you can go to any site. And they have a list of everything you’re allowed to vote for that you can pick up so that you know what to research.

        The League of Women Voters does this, but it’s sometimes hard to tell which of the various districts I’m in.

        Once you know who the actual candidates are, does goggling help?

        Meanwhile, in answer to your question, I have a voter registration card with an expiration date of 12/31/17, so that should be proof that I’m good. And they’ve accepted my ID in the past, too.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Googling has not helped for our local elections! There’s lots of statements that these people are running, but nothing about their platforms. Some of them have websites that are pretty but basically say nothing other than a list of their previous jobs and volunteer work, not even what they did in those positions.

        There is remarkably little considering how contentious the election seems to be. My assumption is that people must know these folks personally.

        At some point our local newspaper will print blurbs for each candidate, but I haven’t seen that yet, at least not online.

        If your state is like my state, then no, you are wrong about the expiration date on your card being enough proof. DH’s and my cards hadn’t expired either, they just “thought” we’d moved. And depending on what state you’re in, your ID without the card may not be enough even if it was enough in the last election. VRA is no longer in effect and the court system is at difference places in different states with the changed restrictions. If we hadn’t checked and fixed our registrations, we wouldn’t have been allowed to vote in the primary, registration card or not, because we wouldn’t have been on the list.

        It doesn’t take very long to check your registration, just a few seconds.

      • chacha1 Says:

        We got a ridiculous brochure for the primary. There were 30-something candidates for Senator and most of them either had no statement, or a statement of such profound illiteracy that I wondered who put up the money for them to declare.

      • Debbie M Says:

        Wow. I have checked, and my state agrees that I am registered.

  2. Katherine Says:

    I’m registered! I still need to look up my sample ballot and figure out who to vote for in the downballot races.

    When I was growing up in California I thought everyone got a voter information guide in the mail. Then I moved for college and was shocked that I had to find all that information on my own. I wish my current state would publish one!

  3. Linda Says:

    I know I’m registered to vote. I moved a couple months ago and mailed in my change of address to the county election board. I received a card in the mail last week confirming my new address and that I’m registered. :-)

    I love that California mails SO MUCH information about the ballot initiatives and candidates to me directly in advance of a mailed ballot. In Illinois I had to look up information myself and sometimes felt too overwhelmed with other life events to do so. We could report to early voting locations for most elections, but it’s so much better for to me deal with a ballot by mail.

  4. Steph Says:

    I’m registered – I got my absentee ballot today! I just need to look up some of the downballot races and then I can mail it in

  5. J Liedl Says:

    Not only registered, I’ve already voted. Bless you, Democrats Abroad for helping to navigate the system!

  6. Leah Says:

    Checked a few weeks ago, and I’m good to go. Tho I live in a blue state and am not worried about them losing my registration. You can actually just show up at the polls and register same day to vote (tho it’s provisional, and I believe only counted if the margin of victory is slim, like in Franken’s case).

    I want to vote early, just to get it done, but I’m also having trouble finding out about our local mayoral race candidates. There’s a Q&A tomorrow over lunch, and I’m trying to decide if I can skip out on work for an hour to go to that, since I don’t teach any classes at that time. Have to register today, and I think it’s $10 . . .

    I miss living in Washington state. We would get a thick packet that you could take to the polls with you. It had info on all the people running (even for small races), initiatives, etc. I would just circle all my options that I wanted then vote straight out of that. I can find a sample ballot online that lists all my choices.

    Mostly, I struggle with figuring out which judges and county commissioners to vote for. But I’ve got most of my choices made this year.

    • chacha1 Says:

      For judges, commissioners, school board etc my vote usually goes to “any woman who is not identifying as Republican.” If there’s no such candidate (uncommon in CA) I try to go by statements, and if there aren’t intelligible statements I try to choose a candidate whose listed experience/qualifications do not tell me “this person wants to burn down the system and/or double the number of people on welfare/in jail.”

  7. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    #2 is registered to vote! We got great amusement out of the voter info packets for the primaries (when was that, this summer, right?). There were some wackadoodles running for Senate. Whee!

  8. contingent cassandra Says:

    Yes (just checked. I’ve never had a problem, and I’m pretty sure which way my state will go, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to check, and there’s no question that I will vote).
    Interesting tidbit: the first google fill-in for “Am I” was “registered to vote.” The second was “pregnant.” I didn’t explore that one further, but I’m reasonably confident the answer is “no.”

  9. jlp Says:

    I’ve checked, and I’m registered. Will vote when early voting starts all over the city, in a couple weeks. Can’t. Wait. (Though I do need to do a bit more down ballot investigation first.)

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