You asked Google, we answered

Q:  do you call your pets kids

A:  No.  Babies, yes, kids, no.

Q:  what makes someone miserable

A:  Donald Trump.

Q:  why are some people hardwired to complain

A:  I reject your premise except for people who have brain damage, which is just like bad luck.

Q:  do kid do things if they can or if they want ?

A:  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Q:  things that roussea says are forced to children as they grow older

A:  they have to stop being dream children and start being boring stodgy adults who do horrible things like read books and make a difference in the world.  Horrible.

Q:  what does it mean to be someone’s partner

A:  According to the dictionary within google:  “a person who takes part in an undertaking with another or others, especially in a business or company with shared risks and profits.”  though it could also be a romantic or sexual partner.

Q:  best female leather. attache case for short meetings?

A:  Let us know!

Q:  least favorite chore apa artinya

A:  What does it all mean?

Q:  briefcase that holds breastpump

A:  You can get the kind that comes with the pump, but really most briefcases will work so long as they’re not too thin.  You should measure the pump you have and make sure it fits inside the case.

Q:  what to ask before hiring helper

A:  Why do you want this job?  Seriously, there are so many bad answers to this question.


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