link love

Wandsci’s commentary is so true.

Debate analysis in terms of her strategy (actually interesting).  Don’t let yourself think that anyone would have won against Trump or that Hillary would have lost against anybody else.  She did what none of the Republicans could do and made it look easy.


More voter suppression

Compare Trump and Clinton campaign followers by the words in their profiles.  The results will probably not surprise you.

What did trump know and when did he know it (7 days of scandal ago…)

It’s not economics

Triggering, but ICYMI, here’s Trump trying to force an unwanted kiss on a young girl

Black panthers fed kids

This is horrific and has a lot of triggers (how Trump supporters have harassed a journalist’s family)

sigh again


Latest Clinton emails continue boring.

CNN’s trump surrogate problem

More Donald and John comics

So creepy.

Donald Trump book report.

Not sure how I feel about this.

Cards for humanity against Trump

Fun twitter feed

Have there been too many profiles of Huma Abedin?

Hillary contains multitudes.

The ignored, silent majority

Minimum payments and debt paydown in consumer credit cards

Orangutan safe Halloween candy.

Hamsters recreate the great british bakeoff

pet outhouses

Dame Eleanor discusses her revision strategy.

Full research mode

Interesting how different things work for different people in terms of productivity.




2 Responses to “link love”

  1. becca Says:

    *I am strangely impressed an article can call Hillary “some cave-dwelling chameleon that has adapted over the millennia to breathe hydrogen cyanide” and make me love her more for it. Impressive turn of phrase and use.

    *I had way too much fun with the tweeple one. I learned: “geeks”/”nerds”/”wonks”/”dorks” are for Hillary (ESPECIALLY wonks). “Gamers” are for Donald.
    “scientists” are for Hillary, but chemists are the most Donaldy of the sciences. Economists are much more Donaldy than Sociologists. “Engineers”, “Teamsters” and “Surgeons” all skew Donald. “Grad students” skew more Hillary than “Professors”
    “Lizard” skews Donald, although “Chameleon” does in fact skew Hillary. “Dog” skews Hillary, and “Cat” is very Hillary.

    “Pantsuit” is almost double Hillary, of course.
    “Snark” is 185% more likely to be used in Hillary supporters bios.

  2. Leah Says:

    Big Cat Rescue is our favorite youtube channel <3

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