link love

Donald Trump down to last six horocruxes.

ICYMI:  Donald Trump demeans and sexually assaults a former Miss Universe on video in front of a large audience.

ICYMI (and you probably did):  Donald Trump’s campaign caught soliciting illegal foreign donations.

No seriously, it isn’t economic anxiety.


Clarence Thomas, sexual harasser.

George W. Bush “lost” 22 million emails


Voter intimidation


Seth Meyers is spot on

trying to erase what they did to clinton

If we wrote men like we write women

It should not be controversial to say that black lives matter.  Should not.

I can’t tell if this is anti-Trump or anti-McCain

so do I

virtual assistants and sexual harassment

forthcoming in chronicle vitae


election and productivity

this is a good bernie sanders ad

leftist case for clinton

Cosmo’s case

markets move quickly


If you want to throw a creator some money this week

living an authentic life

pantry challenge

early retirement

faculty attitudes of technology


I could only watch some of these.  Scrabble

Just so it’s clear.

glass ceilings

do want

The ravens.





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