Downstream voting is more important than ever before


Because John McCain says that they’re not going to allow Clinton to appoint a supreme court justice.  All that garbage about not appointing Merrick Garland so as to let the next president decide, they are now admitting, was garbage.

The Republicans are currently left being supported by a party that is 100% bigot and heavily uneducated.  Normal people have fled.  That means that politicians with an R next to their names have to decide whether to cater to the R base, to try to capture independents despite the presidential ticket, or, possibly, in the future to switch party affiliation.

It seems like they’re trying to cater to the R base.  In doing so, they are literally threatening our democracy.

The easiest solution to this problem is to VOTE THEM OUT.  Supreme court confirmations need 60 votes.  The more senators that are Democrats, the more likely we won’t have to explain to our children exactly why separation of powers isn’t currently working like it’s taught in school.

Here’s fivethirtyeight senate forecasts.  Do any of the swing states look worth sending money to or volunteering for?

Other state and local races are also important.  Every census, congressional districts are redrawn and there will be less Republican gerrymandering if there’s more Democrats (and other) in the offices that make these decisions.

What are you doing for the election?  Are you energized?  What are the best ways to volunteer?  Where are the best places to donate money?


Humblebrag: My monthly retirement savings is equal to my monthly take-home

That’s right, folks, with my retirement accounts maxed out, I am saving 50% of my net income (after taxes, health insurance, parking etc.)

Of course, this would be a lot more impressive if we weren’t spending the bulk of DH’s monthly income… sure, we’re maxing out his retirement too but he’s only got the one account and it doesn’t have the best match in the world.  There was  time when we were saving a much larger percent of our joint income, but now we make more and spend a lot more.

Also mind-blowing:  If I made more money, then I would be taking home more than I could save for retirement.  Because retirement is maxed out.  (I wonder if this means I should turn it all to Roth instead of Traditional so I can get those last drippings of retirement savings even if it means my taxes this year go up… a difficult decision problem.)

But still, when I got my first paycheck stub for the year (I *heart* getting paid!) I thought that was a pretty neat thing– once you include the employer match, I’m putting away almost exactly what is going into my savings account.

I love money so much.  It provides so much security.  So much opportunity and possibility.  You can spend it too, but my favorite thing about it is that I no longer have to worry so much about most things.  If DH loses his job or I get sick of mine, we’ll be fine, at least for a while.  We can’t retire and continue to live the life to which we’ve become accustomed, but we could take a chance that required us to stop saving for retirement for a while.  We still can’t buy a house in Paradise, but we could rent one, at least for a while.

This message brought to you by the first paycheck of the school year (and the first full paycheck in over a year!).  Being paid is so much more awesome than not being paid!

Do you like getting paid?  Do you have any humble-brags about money you’d like to share?

Yet another late link love

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Second– We’re going to be late and/or scattered for a bit.  I’m not sure what our excuses are, but I assume they have something to do with #1’s reintegration to the world of teaching and service.



This is really well-reasoned on issues that matter to conservatives (as opposed to say, bigots).  Probably the most informative endorsement I’ve seen thus far.

Women have to apologize for more things and it sucks.

We shouldn’t forget the danger trump is to minorities, not just to women.

I wish I were a fraction as awesome as HRC.

Liberty university students denounce Falwell for his unchristian support of Trump

Scalzi’s Clinton endorsement

This is a seriously big endorsement for foreign policy people.

Teen Vogue again has investigative reporting.

Cosmo on HRC

Lou Dobbs should be fired

Trump’s assault of a People writer

This thread on trump

Fahrenthold is awesome



I assume the moral is you don’t force people to play with you, but I hate the way PBS kids is so patriarchal with their original programming. Only their imports seem to be reasonable.

Scalzi on the GOP.  They built this.

TDS on pussygate

Who is the antichrist?

HRC may be setting herself up as the next LBJ with a new war on poverty

Chris Kluwe continues to be awesome

More on Trump’s Russian ties

vox on debate 2 which seems so long ago

If you feel catty

The second to last sentence is my favorite

It is rare that fox news makes me LOL

BTW, DH bought the “Only Logical Choice” shirt.  It’s really high quality.  Would recommend.  The packaging was from the DFTBA store, and we’ve been really happy with their stuff.  (Not a sponsored link!  But if you think the official Hillary swag is kind of lame, this is much cooler.)

Vice presidents + octopodes FTW

surprisingly cute

Rolling a 1

so do we

don’t want other bloggers’ financial goals

An unsponsored review of Blue Apron

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Reading the debate via live tweets: An observation

I, again, tried to watch the last debate livestream and failed as soon as Trump started talking.  Luckily there are plenty of people live-tweeting the debate so I could keep up on what was happening.

One thing I noticed.

At the end of the night, all the women tweeters talked about how HRC won solidly and how creepy Trump was with his stalkerish moves getting up in her personal space.  They marveled at how calm and collected HRC was in the face of that onslaught and how we wish we could be that hardcore.  They pretty unilaterally noted that his behavior confirms the truth of his recorded 2005 remarks about how he assaults women.

None of the guys I read even noticed.  Their bottom line was that it didn’t go as badly for Trump as expected.  One even said it was a good enough performance that it made people who unendorsed him look foolish.  (It wasn’t and it didn’t.)

After I went to sleep, many of the guys read women’s commentary.  They rewatched the tape.  They said oh.  Yeah, that actually happened.  He was a creepy stalker dude.  How did I not see that?

Privilege is a pretty powerful thing.  But I’m glad that sometimes the privileged listen and open their eyes.

I want to embed this video but I can’t figure out how.  Watch with the sound on.

Did you watch the debate?  What were your impressions?

In which we do not have to buy a new car (yet)

So I don’t know if you remember, but when we got back from Paradise this summer we had some cash moneys left that we hadn’t spent.  I’d been worried that I was going to need to spend it on a new car in case my 2005 Hyundai Accent hadn’t taken well to storage.   My sweet little Accent was doing well enough that instead I paid $1K+ to fix the cosmetic problems that I caused when trying to park the car on 2 hours of sleep right before leaving for paradise.  It’s currently having some problems starting right off, but I assume that we just need to replace the spark plugs or some kind of cable and it will be fine.

Because we didn’t think we’d need to replace my car any time soon, we put the $30K we’d been saving into the stock market.  It is now worth less than 30K as of this writing.  (Oops!  Probably should have waited until October, oh well.)

A couple weeks after doing that and well before I got my first paycheck for the school year, DH got rear-ended at a stop sign.  In his lovely 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid.  He and the kids are fine, but the car could no longer close the trunk.

The other driver was at fault but apparently that doesn’t really matter, at least not in the short term.  (Liberty Mutual says they will seek compensation from the other company, but they have to pay out first, so it may happen.)  So we owe a $1K deductible.  The repairs were initially set at ~$2500, but after the take-down of the car (which took a week and a half) they found another $850 or so in additional needed repairs for the frame, which put the total cost of body shop repairs at just under what the insurance company would declare the car totaled at.  I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.  Then another week and a half to do the repairs.

So… we’re not going to buy a new car.  DH decided he wanted a Prius (~25K walk-away price).  I figured if we put off the actual Prius buying until October we could pay cash by using my entire October paycheck plus most of our emergency fund.  Or maybe we could float it on credit cards earlier since the next payment wouldn’t actually be due until after I got paid.  But now we don’t have to do that.  Whew.

That’s our story.  I kind of like driving our 10/11 year old cars.  I’m not really big on change.  I mean, some of it is the expense, but a lot of it is me being kind of attached to our current cars so long as they’re not giving us too much trouble.  But we will probably have to replace one or the other of these cars at some point in the not too distant future.  I just always thought it would be my Accent first.  I mean, it has a tape deck in it(!)  (The Honda at least has a cd player…)

How did you decide it was time to get a new car?

link love


Republican controlled state governments keep blocking people from voting even after courts ordered them to stop.

Indiana police interfere with voter registration efforts by request of Republican politicians.  Seriously.  This happened.

F*** Wisconsin.  Seriously.  F*** it.

Issue 1 is key here

Trump brags about how he can get away with sexually assaulting women because he is rich and famous (audio from 2005).

Btw, did you know that Trump has been accused in court of sexual assault at least 3x?  The make-up artist’s story sounds eerily similar to his 2005 bragging.  (The other two were rape accusations from Ivana Trump and the current court case about child rape.)

Trump said the Central Park Five, who were falsely accused of a rape they didn’t commit, who he took out ad space against at the time, who were exonerated by DNA evidence, he said they were guilty.  On Friday.  This past Friday.  He said innocent black men were guilty of a crime they had been proven not to have committed.

Trump says soldiers with PTSD have it because they are weak (this is not true).

Trump says he would use his power of the presidency to punish nations like China if they denied things to his businesses.

How Trump got a middle-class tax break.

How Trump “lost” 916 million and avoided tax.  (An earlier post on the same topic.)

Trump’s bankruptcy lawyers say they had to meet with him in pairs to have a witness because he lied so much.

Republican Ana Navarro takes down a Trump apologist.

Michelle Obama is really good at throwing shade *tap tap tap*

Josh Marshall on the increase in antisemitism he’s been on the receiving end of since Trump’s campaign started.

A Donald Trump supporter sent a triggering video to a reporter with epilepsy in order to induce a seizure.

Secret service had to help escort the mother of a disabled child out of a Trump rally because Trump supporters were threatening her.

Now the Germans are using Trump videos to parody Hitler.”  (Make your own Hitler video…)

Clinton reminds them of their first wives

Clinton should “leak” her policy discussions from fundraisers.  Maybe the press will notice them if she does.

NYTimes writes puff piece on behalf of Trump campaign.

Do not hamstring the first woman president

Calling out racism is not insidious



A poem that explained mansplaining before the term was invented.

Why everyone loves to tear women down.

This is an old one but bears repeating:  about the mom-bob

LeBron James endorses Hillary Clinton for president

Gary Johnson argues his problems with geography are a benefit

Medical marijuana means that older men work longer?

How beige took over as America’s indoor paint.

Hillary Clinton and popularity.  Really cool graphs.

Hillary Clinton shares the story of a bad childhood haircut.

Wandsci should stop making me cry with her links

John Scalzi talks about writing for audible and how it is different


Academics anonymous, am I an addict?

This is outstanding


sports bra research

Machine learning vs stats


Elephant Gerald