Last link love before the election!

Why is Hillary Clinton so widely loved?

It is really really exciting to get to vote for a woman for president on a major party ticket for the first time ever.  I hope Tuesday brings back that warm feeling I got when she accepted the nomination.  Progress is finally being made.  Our sons and daughters will never again think that a woman cannot be president.

The real Clinton email scandal is that a bullshit story has dominated the campaign

Voter intimidation and suppression are huge problems this election.  ArkansasNorth Carolina. More North CarolinaGeorgiaOhio.  There were a bunch more stories in the news, but they were too depressing for me to keep sending to #2 (the Georgia one almost didn’t get sent– just awful).  There’s a lot of state and local government officials who need to be in jail for disenfranchisement and willful intimidation.

Here’s how you can help prevent voter suppression.  You can donate to the ACLU, or the NC NAACP, or a number of other organizations mentioned in that first link.  I picked the ACLU.

do it for ALL CAPS HOMIE

Don’t get eaten by orcs

How to get a free ride to the polls

More backlash about those stupid trump voter empathy stories.  This one is my favorite-– laugh out loud funny.  Here’s wandsci’s commentary.

ICYMI:  An excellent in depth story about what a horrible person Trump is when it comes to philanthropy and lying about being generous.

Donald Trump destroyed email documents after the court ordered him to turn them over.

Examples of Trump lying about his mafia connections.  Here’s a Trump link to Russia story.  One of many.

Salman Rushdie

Did you know that Trump has SEVENTY FIVE pending lawsuits?  75!

They know she’s guilty, they just can’t figure out what she’s guilty of.  An attack on women

And she’s going to win against the forces of hate, bigotry, Russia, AND THE FBI.  Seriously.

Who indeed?

soon the anxiety will be over

Florida’s sneaky solar initiative.

ICYMI:  male contraceptives tabled because they have similar side effects to female contraceptives (though seems like not as bad overall).  The NPR story on this (that I am not linking to) was pretty awful.

This is awful and may be triggery.

He is me.  Thank goodness valium isn’t OTC.

Do clickbait articles like “Why professors are writing crap that nobody reads” erode the humanities? Here are 5 weird tricks to tell you the answer.

inspiring myself to productivity

accountability tool

why aren’t you writing?

academic batgirl

behold how much this guy loves office supplies

kids and money

writing and connecting

Soon we will be middle-aged heroes


So tired

solar shingles!

Can’t sleep?  Watch sheep.

Eric Idle’s reading journal

Saltnpepa, Queen Bey style. NPH.

cat comics

If you watch one Obama video today, make it this one.   “That’s Potus”

4 Responses to “Last link love before the election!”

  1. undine Says:

    Thanks for the link love, Nicoleandmaggie! Also, I just ordered two of that guy’s pop-up books.

  2. Linda Says:

    I’m starting to worry that we have an irreversible divide in politics. It’s really disheartening. I did personally deliver my ballot to the county on Friday, though, so I’ve done my part to get HRC in office and keep my House and Senate reps as Dems. Thanks for the link!

  3. jlp Says:

    I am eating my way to the election, apparently. About 2.5 pounds gained so far, and only gaining momentum. Please let it be over on Tuesday, at least, on the whole.

    In other news: laughed out loud when I saw a (serious) news headline about how the trial for the male contraceptive had to be stopped because of side effects that sounded really similar to another set of side effects. It was completely hilarious/disheartening/unsurprising.

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