More link love

ICYMI, here’s our activism page.  You can reach it up top right corner.  We will update it.

How to call your reps when you have social anxiety


Facebook Nazis

Women strike on Dec 12th.

The number is much higher now since #2 sent this post


Penzy’s continues awesome

SFF reads for the stages of grief

More money leads to less Alzheimer’s.

Self-care when everything is awful

Remembering SEK

20 children’s books that celebrate diversity and social justice

matching donations to we need diverse books

Misermom on volunteering at a soup kitchen

Donna Freedman on the scent of home

If Citibank sent you a big envelope talking about binding arbitration, then you will want to opt out.

A new library comic

Breaking [cat] news

#2 has been chortling over xkcd mouseovers.

these animals are cozy






One Response to “More link love”

  1. Debbie M Says:

    That stages-of-grief listing of recommended sci fi looks really interesting.

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