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If you’ve been hearing about Trump “saving” jobs in Indiana, first off, they’re paying the company $7000oo/year for those “saved” jobs (and many of the jobs are still going to Mexico) and SECOND, and more importantly Donald Trump owns shares in the company (according to the Indiana Star).  Check the Activism tab for how to call the house financial oversight committee (202 225 5074), your congressperson to support the presidential accountability act, and email the GAO ( ) to audit Trump’s finances.  This is insane!   (Even Sarah Palin says so.)

More voter restriction in North Carolina

This is true

Wandsci on politics

Wake-up Call

Turns out being president is a bigger job than Trump thought.

This parody of merriam webster’s word of the year is actually not quite as horrible as the word that’s actually on track to be word of the year.

“By rules of their philosophy, you are only folks they take seriously. Stop telling the rest of us how to change their minds. You go do it.”

Some garbage a guy used to believe about equality.

27 women waiting patiently for men to stop talking in 2016.

BCN fixes its lighting

This opens up the question:  should you trust the Washington Post about what news outlets you should be reading?

Go back to fairyland

Uber is unprofitable and will increase prices after it has become a monopoly.

#2 wants this shirt

Disclaimer:  I have never watched the Gilmore Girls

Sleep restriction is bad

Zika in TX


Advent calendar!

doubting your charitable giving

This mcmansion hell is especially…special.

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