Link love

Why it matters that HRC got 2.7 million more votes and counting.

Why Pat McCrory lost and what this means for what we can do going forward.

Donald Trump still doing nothing about conflicts of interest.  Here’s more on that topic.

Education secretary pick also has conflicts of interest.

Evan McMullin on what we should do going forward.

Important thread on how the nytimes whitewashes white supremacy.

Pope Francis on fake news.

They want to hurt their fellow Americans.

Love is not enough.

Stop blaming the victims.

GOP should have run on gutting Social Security in the most recent election.

Trump transition is ousting civil servants who helped with Obama climate policy.

More FBI harassment.

This makes me feel queasy (domestic violence, OH abortion law)

So creepy.

Hairspray today.

Poverty line.

Financial planning for the top 1%.


steampunk parrot does science

Behavior study wants to know how cats learn.

The 2016 annual hater guide to the williams sonoma catalog.

Dec 14-25 for a very special BCN.

4 Responses to “Link love”

  1. chacha1 Says:

    LOL at the hater’s guide. “And why the hell can’t I get this pot in tartan? Get your shit together.”

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