Lately link loves

… have been late

Last chance to sign up for this year’s ACA health insurance is Dec 19th!

Jerry Brown is pretty awesome.

A guide for resisting the Trump Agenda

Cloud’s activism agenda

South Africa in 1948 and parallels to Trump.

A small subset of Trump’s conflicts of interest.

Voting rights

Ohio’s 20 week abortion ban is pretty horrific.

How google search empowers racists.

How to help syria

We gave books to the liberation library

another charity


We agree

local cat unfazed

fragile masculinity imagined

Vanity Fair (similarly:  Mother Jones)

Don’t sneak.

How to save on required minimum distributions when you have a lot of money saved for retirement.  (Also see the comments sections for discussion.)

throwaway mentality

food processor recall

need this

I already knew about the baldness, but the rest of this interview is quite delightful.

retail therapy

excellent cat drawing

Adorable kittens


4 Responses to “Lately link loves”

  1. Solitary Diner Says:

    I thought the Ms. Mentor article was depressing until I read the comments, and then I just started to hate everything about the world. Why are there still people claiming that sexism doesn’t exist? Why????

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Ugh, they’re the worst. CHE forums were a cesspool of MRAs even before MRAs were called that. Really belies the idea that academia is into safe-spaces for anybody but bigoted bullies.

  2. accm Says:

    If I ever need to justify to myself time spent reading blogs, I’ll remember the food processor recall. Thanks! Just in time for the massive-food-production Christmas season, sadly.

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