DH’s second December check was delayed a few days…

DH gets paid 2x a month.  The second check usually sometime between the 19th and the 23rd.  This month on the 21st, DH got an email saying his paycheck would be delayed for a few days waiting on a check from a couple of government agencies.  (Is this a good sign for the future of the company?  Probably not…)  Hopefully by the time this posts it’ll have cashed [update:  it did], but we’ll see.  Both agencies said that “the check is in the mail” and suggest the holidays have slowed transit down.  It’s possible.

I gotta say, I sure am glad that I keep a deep emergency fund and I’d already transferred 2K to checking to cover the late-month expenses.  We’re fine until Jan 6th at which point if he doesn’t get at least one of his paychecks I’ll have to transfer more money from savings.  (My paycheck posts to savings.)

I’m so glad we’ve kept our required expenses down low enough and our savings up high enough that we can handle this.  And that although I’m a little worried about DH being unemployed in April, give or take, we can handle it (and we can handle it partly because I argued for a raise last year and partly because we’re almost done with the principal and interest parts of the mortgage, among other things).  There are times in the past where this state of affairs would be pretty scary, but thankfully now it’s more of a meh, we’ll see what happens.

Also reminds me that I should process some dependent daycare account reimbursements, since that’s one of the ways I used to smooth out cash-flow problems, but I guess that will have to wait until January when school is back in session.

What do you do when a paycheck or reimbursement is slow to come?

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4 Responses to “DH’s second December check was delayed a few days…”

  1. jjiraffe Says:

    Like you, we’ve saved up an emergency fund so would not be an issue. Congrats on negotiating a salary raise – well done!

  2. crazy grad mama Says:

    We keep 3–4 months’ worth of expenses in checking. Good for times—like right now—when I have to float $1000+ in conference expenses while waiting on the university’s glacial reimbursement process.

  3. Rosa Says:

    When I was on commission, which paid out later and sometimes (rarely) slower or less than I expected, my base budget was on my base pay. So my rent and transportation and stuff were covered and I treated the commission check like a surprise. It’s hard to sustain that though – I was young and single and I really did get some commission every month I did that job.

    Now we have enough slack in the household account that we’re fine for about a month without touching the emergency fund – assuming I know there’s an issue and cut variable spending. Which would have been hard this month with gifts and travel and food, but usually isn’t an issue. My husband’s job just changed pay schedules – from every two weeks to every other Friday – and I sat down and made sure there wouldn’t be cash flow issues with the autopays, but otherwise it’s no biggie. That might actually be paying faster though. What it is, is smaller checks very slightly more often. Which should be good for most people.

    Temping for the county government this fall I noticed that they offer cash advance service on their benefits web site (not for temps I suppose – I didn’t follow the link, I just saw it on the page). Assuming it’s no or low fee, that is a fabulous service to offer employees and an excellent use of the government’s stability and size.

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