• Someday I will figure out the light switches in the house I’ve been living in for 10 years.
  • the best thing about dc1’s after school care at this public school is that they provide extra time on early dismissal days so we can pick hir up after a full days work.
  • hibiscus mint is my new favorite tea
  • I ate moose.  I like elk better, but it’s still pretty good.  I like elk better than venison and venison better than beef, but beef better than moose.
  • Over Christmas, the next oldest cousin (~2 years younger than DC1) was literally bouncing off of walls, so I started quizzing hir on hir multiplication tables.  It worked to calm hir down just like it does with my kids.  Hir father looked at me a little oddly though.  :/
  • Dear conference organizer, if you want me to pay attention to specific parts of your email and get back to you in a short time frame, WRITE SHORTER EMAILS.  I don’t actually have to do anything until the end of next month so I’m not going to read your multi-page email now.  If you have responses that you need before then, you need to put them and their deadlines at the top of the email in an itemized list, and, if there is information in your lengthy screed that I need to get you those responses, either tell me where to find it or repost it.
  • DC2 was getting hives on hir face at night and sometimes in the morning.  We think we’ve narrowed it down to hir toothpaste (it’s either that or the water or the towel she had been using).  We’ve switched from toothpastes with red dye to those without (and rewashed all the clean hand towels, just in case) and it seems to have gone away which suggests it’s not the water.  Zie was also a bit hyperactive and defiant the weekend that was the worst rash-wise, so I’m kind of wondering if zie has that red dye allergy that people talk about on mommy forums.  (Hives also happened in conjunction with hir deciding zie only wanted bubble-gum flavored toothpaste, not mint.  Now we’re using Tom’s of Maine strawberry and it seems to be ok though DC2 is upset that it is strawberry and not mango.)
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22 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Miser Mom Says:

    About those light switches: a good read is “The design of everyday objects” (originally, “The psychology of everyday objects”) by Don Norman. He talks about why it’s hard to figure out light switches. A take-away from the book (courtesy of Wikipedia): “One of the main premises of the book is that although people are often keen to blame themselves when objects appear to malfunction, it is not the fault of the user but rather the lack of intuitive guidance that should be present in the design.”

  2. bogart Says:

    Bullet 4 violates transitivity, does it not? Maybe I haven’t had enough coffee. But oh, the horror %)!

    I hope the problem with the hives stays resolved. Hives are horrible!

  3. Jay Says:

    Ugh. Hives. There is a thing called “cold urticaria” which causes hives on exposure to cold water. It usually happens with other cold exposure (snow, cold wind, etc) as well.

    We have light switches that don’t do anything and light switches that control lights in another room and one light we can’t figure out how to turn on. We’ve been in this house since 2001. And yes, we replaced the bulb.

  4. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Bonus action today:

    I just sent Lamar Alexander a fax since his phone line was “busy”. You can send free faxes using https://faxzero.com/fax_senate.php

  5. gasstationwithoutpumps Says:

    On light switches. We have had one light switch in our kitchen that we never figured out (one of two in two-wide switch box). We had to open up the switch when we had the kitchen lighting redone, and discovered that the switch was indeed not connected to any wires. It was just there to fill the switch box.

  6. crazy grad mama Says:

    Have you ever tried bison? I like it better than beef. (Never tried moose.)

  7. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Light switches – confusing which one goes to which light, or something else?

    Bullet 5, Mom used to do the exact same thing. That’s why I knew most of my tables before 2nd grade.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Our lighting set-up is pretty ridiculous where the switch in a room turns on the light for the next room rather than that rooms (but this is not the case for all rooms) and also for some of our lights, there is no set-up for which up means on and down means off.

  8. Cloud Says:

    Ugh, hives. I had a mystery case in grad school that I finally tracked to my dryer sheets. I don’t use dryer sheets at all anymore. I’d rather have static cling than hives!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I’m allergic to dryer sheets, so we don’t use them. I’m allergic to several kinds of scented detergent, so we don’t use them… I’m also allergic to dust and about a zillion different things that come from out doors. Also cats. I get mystery hives a lot, but usually on my arms or legs.

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