Link Love goes marching on

We’re at various women’s marches today.  Around the world!  If you see James O’Keefe at yours, ignore him.

All of the depressing links are from #2, who you may have noticed is back on the blog after an absence.  She also notes:  Anyone can text their zip code to: (520) 200 2223 and it will instantly shoot back your Federal and State Senators’ and Representatives’ names and phone numbers.

If you do one action this week, a good choice is to call your senators to ask them to vote No on Jeff Sessions because he’s a bigot.  Do this whether your senators are democrat or republican.  Let them know it is not ok to appoint a bigot as attorney general.  The Sessions vote is this Tuesday, so call monday or before.  You can also call the committee.  Here’s more info and a script from Nick Decaro.

Staggering list of cuts.

Bethh has a new newsletter.  This week is on how to cope.

Resistance manual

The beginning of the Trump year(s).  My dept chair told me today that he suspects that in a couple of years Trump will do a Palin and declare he’s made America great again and quit.  He already doesn’t leave the house.

Republicans are lying about the ACA.  Republicans are lying about the ACA.  Republicans are lying about the ACA.  Ugh I am SO mad about this.  (And one more link explaining the ACA)

An important theoretical insight is that gerrymandering becomes fragile over time– the very thing that makes districts just a little bit more red also makes them vulnerable when the opposition gets determined

The other John Lewis.

CNN sticking up against fascism

Full Fascism ahoy

Barack Obama’s academic cv, updated

Mike Pence Inauguration invite comment section

Was there a huge crowd?  (How about when you subtract the police?)

Bruce Springstein cover band wasn’t there.

Worst Twilight Zone episode ever.


twinkies palmer candy recall

404 Not found

“two useless but true theorems are proved

kid scientist logic

debt is a funny thing

password protection

best selfie

7 Responses to “Link Love goes marching on”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    I feel a bit like brittney from Daria trying to make posters.

  2. SP Says:

    I think your list of cuts link is not the right one…. Maybe it is for the best, I’m already depressed and worried about them and I haven’t read that particular article. :/

  3. Taylor Lee @ Yuppie Millennial Says:


    I can report that the Boston march was simply massive. Apparently estimates are the DC march was anywhere from half to a full million people, which is heartening.

  4. jane Says:

    this is an interesting document! you can read crowd estimates from large cities to small towns all around the US and the world (with citations!)
    Crowd Estimates, 1.21.2017

    Thank you for all you are and have posted. Helps spread knowledge.

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