Link Love

In women as chattel news

What dystopian fascist YA fiction gets wrong

1984 and Trump’s America

When economists produce statistics Trump doesn’t like

twitter activist security:  guidelines for safer resistance

A fun survey for these dark times :)

hope this is true

the Nazi-enabling zone according to D&D


Games for sale, proceeds go to ACLU

Find the good and praise it

I hope we don’t get to option 4, and if we do, I hope the military does the right thing

Five calls is another action-item weekly list

How to support and defend the public value of knowledge in 2017

Covering Trump the Reuters Way

Yep, Reuters is right.  We’ve got an authoritarian government.

Standing up for refugees

Stemming the tide

EO dishonors those who have helped our country at great personal sacrifice

Report a suspicious pizza

Strangely apropos

Doing sh*t instead of panicking

Not symbolic at all

This is metal  Also 1984, obvs

Academics:  sign this petition

A clarifying moment in US history

Know your rights:  what to do if your rights are violated at a demonstration or protest

Some things I just do not understand, like wha?

Yes, congress can override an executive order.  It is choosing not to.

That was a week (last week)


ate dinosaurs for breakfast


5 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Forgot to do a challenge update.
    It is really hard to get out of bed right now.

    Feb 1st was a total bust. My car was in the shop so I got into work late and I had to teach and there were meetings and then I had to get my car and then I got a massive headache with one thing and another no writing got done.
    Feb 2nd I did a referee report.
    Feb 3rd I worked on the public face abstract of a big grant I will get if I get everything in in time. (Then later that day I did page proofs for an article.).
    Today I need to finish that abstract so I can get some feedback on it before Monday when I need to send it to the agency. (Tuesday we have to redo the budget.) Tomorrow I’m hoping to do another referee report, but we’ll see (though really I ought to be working on IRB approval).

  2. monsterzero Says:

    Our White House Press Secretary actually does not know what the word “misinformation” means, that’s wha.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      So many people are like, “he doesn’t know the onion” and, as you point out, no it is MUCH worse than that.

      I can’t tell if he doesn’t know what it means or if he’s like yes, this is all an elaborate joke. One of the articles linked about 1984 is similar to a previous week’s article on gaslighting, points out that saying the sun is the moon (to quote petruchio) over and over again until the listener is too worn out to argue is a classic bullying technique. They’re over the top ridiculous and open about it because their goal is to wear us down and show their dominance over us. Until we, too, are willing to say the sun is the moon.


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