Late Link Loves R Us

February challenge continues to go poorly.  It’s not that I don’t want to write, it’s that I just don’t have enough willpower to get everything done before 8am the next day and then I start getting heavily interrupted throughout the day.  There were a couple of days this week I only wrote 15 min.  There were a couple of days I wrote in the morning.  Last Saturday I did no writing.  Basically, I haven’t gained much with this challenge so far and I still have over 300 emails that I need to get through.  I’ll be working all Saturday starting with grading as soon as I finish this link love.  (Writing will come later because I need to discuss some things with a coauthor on a book chapter that finally came back this week.)  Sometime in March I’ll wrap up with why I’ve been getting a C on this challenge (B- if you’re grading generously) even though I’ve done all the previous challenges even ones that were dumb or that I really really hated.

My #2 fear is getting closer to reality.

Republicans in congress are afraid to see their constituents and are refusing to see anybody but big donors during the week that they’re supposed to visit with constituents.  Both of my senators and my congressman are terrified and are refusing to come out.  The closest office to my senator LIED to me about not having the senator’s calendar and then asked for my detailed contact information “to send to DC to get you on the list” because “he doesn’t announce in his newsletter”.  I called the DC office and they told me that they didn’t know why the regional office would say such things since they have no such list and the regional offices all have the senator’s schedule.  Here’s Indivisible on what to do if your MOC has gone missing.  DH is going to one this weekend (it’s in the evening so I’ll be staying home with the kids).

Chaffetz, who should be fired and hopefully will not be re-elected because the people of Utah are basically good people, goes after Sid the Science kid.  He’s also launching yet another investigation of hillary clinton’s emails because I guess he’s hoping that will deflect the fact that he’s not only not @#4ing doing his job but that he’s going to be largely responsible for the @#$23ing mess that Trump is being allowed to do.  There are links to those statements, but I’m too depressed to dig them up.  @#$22 Chaffetz.

Trump’s conflicts of interest ARE SCARY.

Republicans gonna repub.

More white supremacist neo-nazis on campus (aka the f-ing neonazi alt-right)

Why gamergaters become “alt-right” neonazis.

Idaho tried and failed at creating a better plan than the ACA.  That’s because the ACA is the best right-wing plan that there is.  (A better plan would be single-payer, but that would eliminate an entire industry which would do bad things to the economy in the short-run.)

This is frightening and funny at the same time.

MEETUP has joined the #resist movement.  Seriously, MEETUP.  Check them out for things near you!

We are awake and we are angry.

What just happened?  H/T Bogart.

Universities didn’t turn left, the right turned imbecile.  OMG, I have heard so many stories about my congressman in the past week.  No wonder he isn’t coming out to the college town that is a big part of his gerrymandered district.

Sexist course evals.

This is a toolkit from the Immigration Law Center.  More info on protecting immigrants.

US Weekly sick burn.  (Also, excellent inveting advice)

Melinda Gates’ Birth Control pledge.

This is a smart comment and also why I’m pushing my kids so hard in K-12.

At some point in the future I will blog about adventures in trying to find a new flatware set.  But today is not that day.  Here’s a link to another review, though.

Today’s out-of-context internet quote that inspires productivity: “i prefer eating Belgian chocolate to get me in a growth mindset ”  Related:  coffee shop for non-morning people.

This would have been a cool tv series, and I want to read the book!

There are worse hills.

Stay safe out there in the rain.

Pluto’s heart.

“Did you ever wish you could make scatter plots with cat shaped points?  Now you can!”


11 Responses to “Late Link Loves R Us”

  1. Leah Says:

    I really love the flatware we got from Crate & Barrel. We wanted something super basic without frippery. Also something normal sized and not huge. We went and tried all sorts of stuff in person at all sorts of stores because it is too hard to tell online. Agreed that it is a challenge to find good flatware. This also reminds me that I need to look for our missing spoon over spring break or just order a new one (ugh).

  2. Anu Says:

    Can we hear more about how you’re pushing your kids? I was pushed a lot in K-12, greatly to my benefit at least when it came to academics, but that was in a non-American context. Curious about how to do the pushing in the US, particularly meaningful pushing – by which I mean, I see my husband’s high school aged cousin working really hard in high school, but it seems that so much of what she learns is superficial and just busy work. I also don’t know how to help preserve the continuity of learning with the American course based structure in high school – everything seems disconnected, rather than building on previous concepts.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Sure, though some of the things we’re doing we’ve posted about before (I think there may also be some posts in drafts that I never finished about our favorite workbooks, I’m not sure). If you click the “kid” tab and scroll through, particularly when our 10 year old was much younger and we were trying to figure out what to do with our sweet and insatiably curious little kid. The “gifted” tab will also have a subset of these posts that are probably more focused.

      And I will definitely recommend Hard Math for Elementary Students by Glenn Ellison.

      And I’ll also say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised and impressed with the Math curriculum at DC1’s middle school. (Also Orchestra.) The other classes are underwhelming, but their math is quite lovely. I sort of feel like in this red state that they’re able to get away with teaching critical thinking skills in math in a way that they’re not in say, Social Studies or Science.

  3. Rosa Says:

    Matt Ruff is the author of two books I really like – Sewer, Gas, and Electric which is great and funny and exactly what you need if you are surrounded by 22 year old Libertarians, which I was at the time, but unfortunately hasn’t aged that well, and Set This House In Order. But I’ve found his other books disappointing. He’s better at ideas than writing, I think. Which is too bad because the idea of Lovecraft Country is excellent. I hope the book is too.

  4. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I hope it’s just the stultifying effect of the dim sum I shouldn’t have snacked on for lunch but this link love has amped up my anxiety over the world as well as whether I’ll push JuggerBaby an appropriate amount during K-12. Let this pass, please.

    There was also a really good discussion on Twitter and thereabouts about the fact that there’s no need to look to Germany to see how America’s fascism manifests, we’ve already seen it and it’s based in anti-black racism:

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