Link love

I gave up on the challenge this week.  I’m going to try again in March.

I donated to this go-fund-me to buy books to educate TX state legislators on trans issues.  The money will go to  books which will go to lawmakers in conjunction with an ACLU/Trans lobbying day so that legislators are less likely to vote yes on the TX bathroom bill and other evil issues that could hurt Trans people.  (If you can’t donate, consider forwarding on your favorite social media account?)

Videos of Republicans being taken to task by constituents.  Which is still better than their pretending said constituents don’t exist and not doing any townhalls.

Trump team is already cooking the books.  More corruption.  More corruption.

Trump the gaslighter.

Trump the dictator.

Larry Wilmore.

Iowa Bill Mandates Political Affiliation at Universities

Scientists are pro-testing.

Oroville Dam workers fired for posting spillway photos to social media

Anderson dam waterfall.

F the police.

United beats Delta.

A strange year at uber.

Dinosaurs aren’t dying out.

The air we breathe.


When evidence says no, but doctors say yes.  (An EXCELLENT Atul-Gawande-style article not by Atul Gawande)

Is everything we eat associated with cancer?

Leigh’s long-awaited marital finances post.

Protect your fortune.

For all your cost-basis questions.

Cooking lessons.

A place for everything.  Also Happy Birthday!


Finland has a very good boy.


3 Responses to “Link love”

  1. Debbie M Says:

    Good luck on trying your challenge again next month!

    I really enjoyed reading the when-evidence-says-no article. Especially the reasons: they didn’t realize that there was new evidence, they had real trouble believing the new evidence, they had a vivid counterexample in mind, they wanted the profit, their patients insisted, they feared getting sued. So especially when treatments sound like they “should” work, that’s when you should do extra research.

    I already have noticed that doctors seem to have a bias to “do something,” and I always make sure to tell them that if I don’t have to do anything, that’s great; I just don’t want to be an idiot, so that’s why I came by. And my boyfriend has noticed that they have a bias to assume their patients won’t make lifestyle changes (because most don’t), so they’ve given up on even talking about those. So for any invasive treatment, it’s good to ask about other things to do.

    Another interesting part was on the NNT (number needed to treat). “if 1,000 elderly women take aspirin daily for a decade, 11 of them will avoid a heart attack; meanwhile, twice that many will suffer a major gastrointestinal bleeding event that would not have occurred if they hadn’t been taking aspirin. … Even remedies that work extraordinarily well can be less impressive when viewed via NNT. Antibiotics for a sinus infection will resolve symptoms faster in one of 15 people who get them, while one in eight will experience side effects. A meta-analysis of sleep-aid drugs in older adults found that for every 13 people who took a sedative, like Ambien, one had improved sleep—about 25 minutes per night on average—while one in six experienced a negative side effect, with the most serious being increased risk for car accidents.”

  2. chacha1 Says:

    I can’t even with that Iowa thing. WTFWTFWTF.

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