What is your favorite kind of pie?

#1:  I like apple myself.  Though I’m also a fan of pecan in moderation. (And, of course, pot pies are great.)

#2:  1.  Pumpkin, 2. French silk, 3. pie full of hammers [#1 does not know what this is], 4. Pecan-bourbon pie with chocolate chips

24 Responses to “What is your favorite kind of pie?”

  1. Practical Parsimony Says:

    My favorite is pumpkin pie made from my mother’s recipe. Peach pie and apple pie are delicious.

  2. Zenmoo Says:

    Apple all the way.

  3. NZ Muse Says:

    Savoury? Potato top (typical mince filling)

    Sweet? Apple!

  4. Leah Says:

    Blueberry, cherry, peach . . . strawberry rhubarb. So many good flavors. especially if my MIL makes it — her pie is the best. I far prefer fruit pies to any other kind of pie, although I do sometimes make my husband a chocolate mousse pie with raspberry and whipped cream for his birthday. He absolutely adores pie. I imagine this is due to his mom’s amazing pie growing up.

    I strangely do not like pumpkin pie despite liking all other pumpkin things (bread, cookies, bars, etc).

  5. independentclause Says:

    It’s a fair split between apple and chocolate bourbon pecan. Happy Pi day!

  6. monsterzero Says:

    Rhubarb pie is the best but rhubarb can be hard to find. Strawberry rhubarb is a distant second along with peach, blackberry, and chocolate cream. Spinach and feta cheese pie is really good too.

  7. Katherine Says:

    Pecan, chocolate mousse, cherry, blackberry, apple, strawberry rhubarb, peach. I also really like pot pie. I like pumpkin pie, but not as much as the others. Basically, I just really love pi!

  8. Ana Says:

    Key lime! Strawberry rhubarb is pretty good too.

  9. Solitary Diner Says:

    Sweet: Sour cherry or wild blueberry
    Savoury: Chicken pot pie or shepherd’s pie

    Mmmmm….now I want pie…

  10. omdg Says:

    Really I like all pie. Probably my least favorite is apple pie, but I definitely wouldn’t say no if someone offered me a slice!

  11. Linda Says:

    What, no votes for Frito pie? Ha, ha, ha!

    If really pressed, I guess I’d have to claim cherry pie (made with sour cherries) as my favorite. I had access to sour cherries from my neighbor’s tree in Chicago and now I miss that. California is not a big sour cherry growing region. *sigh*

    I do not like apple pie. I had too much of it as a child. If the only kind of pie available is apple pie, I still won’t eat it. If the only thing available to eat is apple pie and I’m literally starving I’d probably eat it, though. Probably.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Cherry pie is excellent. TJ’s has sour cherries that make a pretty good from scratch pie either in glass bottles or frozen.

    • Debbie M Says:

      Mmm, yes, frito pie!

      But I also love apple crumb pie, pumpkin pie, lemon or lime meringue pie, chocolate or banana cream pie, and chocolate pecan pie. Also either cheesecake (a pie that’s called cake) or Boston cream pie (a cake that’s called pie), depending on your definition of pie. Also quiche.

      Most fruit pies need to be a la mode.

  12. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Apple, pecan. I wish I could love key lime pie because I love citrus but I’m not quite there, it’s a bit too sweet for me.

  13. Leigh Says:

    I don’t like sweet pies but I have really come around to savory ones. Chicken or steak, they are all delicious! My one grandma used to make a chocolate pie that was good IIRC.

  14. gwinne Says:

    Key lime. All kinds of fruity pies. Mostly I like pie.

    Cannot stand the thought of pumpkin, sweet potato, etc, though I like those flavors in other forms. Ditto banana cream.

  15. Hypatia Cade Says:

    I’m late to the party. Had I been home yesterday we would have had chicken pot pie for dinner and cherry pie for dessert.

  16. Becca Says:

    All the pie!
    My regular favorite is multi Berry pie with cinnamon oat crumble topping from Grand Traverse.
    I also love whatever pecan chocolate thing I had from them.
    If it is low quality pie, both cherry and pumpkin are ok. They are hard to go wrong with. If it’s got a good crust and crumble top, then peach, blueberry or apple are all on the list. If it’s quite high quality, I love key lime and lemon and sweet potato and pecan and french silk.

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