What food do you love that nobody else likes?

One of the problems with other people is that they have different food preferences than you do.

This can be a benefit if the food in question is something you can purchase in small quantities or that doesn’t go bad, because then you can buy it for yourself and have no competition from eating it.  But it’s problematic if it’s something that you can’t share and will thus go to waste if you get too much of it.  If the other people in the household are vocal about their distaste, then you might not get/make the item unless the loudest is not there for whatever reason.  (A reason our family orders Hawaiian pizza only when DH is away on business.)

I really like grapefruit juice, but I’m the only one in the house who does, so I can’t drink an entire carton before it goes bad.  I do, however, order it whenever I see fresh squeezed on the menu at a bunch place.

The rest of the family doesn’t mind beets, but I’m the only one who really loves them.

DH rarely gets to eat Brussels sprouts because the rest of the family ranges from meh to yuck.  DC1 used to love sardines but has outgrown them (the cats got almost an entire tin the day DC1 discovered zie no longer wants to eat them, but they have been missing out on smaller amounts since).

#2’s husband is a vegetarian, so… meat.  Especially bacon. He’s not that enthusiastic about pesto or soup, but he’ll eat it if it’s there.

What food do you love that nobody else likes?

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40 Responses to “What food do you love that nobody else likes?”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    As a kid I used to eat yeast straight up (bakeries used to sell it in like a wet butter patty form). In fact my favorite beer is magic hat #9 because I can taste the yeast in it.

    Things I wish the rest of my family ate: more soups especially split pea. Radishes. Beets. Chickpeas. Garlic. Fire cider. Buttermilk in cream sauces (they don’t like creamy at all). stinky cheeses.

    Soup is the big one though. I could eat soup every day and the only one my kids like is my moms chicken noodle.

    • Leah Says:

      Tomato soup is my fav, and my husband dislikes it. We both like soup but have different tastes. So we sadly don’t eat much soup. Maybe this will change as our kids get bigger and have preferences. One thing I’ve thought of is making soups that freeze well and freeze individual portions to reheat so we can have a “soup night” and each have our own soup.

  2. ChrisinNY Says:

    I make a great bean salad (not sweet) and also great sautéed cabbage with balsamic vinegar. No one else particularly likes it. He actively likes other vegetables I make. My husband’s “meh”, means I rarely if ever make it- which seems not equitable because “meh” is my reaction to all vegetables he makes with the exception of fresh asparagus.

  3. xykademiqz Says:

    My family as a whole has a very picky/boring palate. Nobody but me likes anything spicy so most Asian food is out. I am the only one who eats Thai, most Korean or Japanese food (nobody but me ever eats sushi, for instance). DH is the difficult kind in that he thinks he’s low maintenance but really is high maintenance when it comes to food (doesn’t like any cruciferous vegerables, eggplant, kale; could live without chicken). Younger boys are not great vegetable eaters. I love cauliflower, and most vegetables steamed with a little soy sauce; the rest could skip steamed veggies altogether.

  4. jjiraffe Says:

    No one in my family likes eggplant. I love it, particularly with a spicy sauce. Yum! I’m also the only one who likes fennel (and black licorice).

    • chacha1 Says:

      My mom is the only person in the family who loves black licorice. :-) I don’t like ANY licorice, nor am I fan of anise or caraway, but I do like fennel.

      • Mr. Millionaire Says:

        My husband, who is part Dutch, loves triple-salted Dutch licorice. I consider it an abomination, although I do like fennel also. Yet, I love roasted Brussels sprouts, and he thinks that’s an abomination.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        It is an abomination. I had a friend in college who really liked “Droppies” as she called them. Also Jagermeister.

  5. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I’m trying to think of something that fits here and coming up with not much. PiC will accommodate just about every food whim I have, whether it’s sharing an order or eating my misadventures in the kitchen. I do a lot more experimentation because I don’t universally love most things I make enough to eat it repeatedly whereas he would happily repeat every meal. Suspect this means I’m the difficult one.

  6. omdg Says:

    Well, except for grapefruit juice, I’m lucky that my family (my husband, at any rate) likes most things. Now, HE likes watermelon, which I can’t stand. Fortunately for him I buy it for him anyway. :-)

  7. gasstationwithoutpumps Says:

    I like organ meats (liver and kidney), but they are a pain to prepare, my wife doesn’t like them, and my son is vegetarian, so we never have them. Buying them in restaurants is iffy, as the liver is usually overcooked and restaurants in America almost never serve kidney.

    There are some things I’m not fond of that my wife likes (mayonnaise, kale, sour cream, artichokes) that we don’t have very often, but mostly we’re omnivores, so the limitations are relatively few.

  8. Kay Says:

    When I read this title my first thought was BEETS!! so yeh another beet lover here, I even like them from the can. I also seem to be a lone fan of vinegar in my house. I love the taste and smell of it…..cooking and cleaning. And I drink apple cider vinegar in water.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Yeah! Beets vinaigrette is the BEST.

    • Rosa Says:

      the blog is recommending your old post about small talk, where you say you fall back on food a lot. Is that still a problem now that your kids are older, or do you have more topics of conversation now that you have a little more free time?

      I decided a couple years ago that I am going to just cook what I feel like eating about half the time. We make a few meals a week that are catered to the kid, and if my partner cooks he’s welcome to cook whatever he likes (okra, when it’s in season.) But it was just so demoralizing to be always cooking and never having it be appreciated even if it wasn’t what I wanted.

      Of course most of the time “whatever’s easiest to cook” wins out over “what I feel like eating.”

    • Donna Freedman Says:

      We grew some beets and found a bonehead-simple pickling recipe. So good! Both my partner and I like them, but I use them in a way he doesn’t: a sandwich based on a recipe from “An Everlasting Meal: Cooking With Economy and Grace.”

      Toast multigrain bread and butter it lavishly. Cover one slice with sliced pickled beets (she used cooked beets sprinkled with fancy vinegar, I think). Slice a hard-cooked egg (the book recommends soft-boiled but I prefer it my way) and put it atop the beets. Salt and pepper to taste. Devour.

      Also, I love lima beans and milk but haven’t had it since I left South Jersey. Fresh beans must be used. Cook and drain, add a lump of butter, pour in heated milk, and add salt and pepper to taste. Maybe it’s a regional thing, because I’ve never met anyone else who eats limas this way.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I’m in the middle of reading an everlasting meal– DH got it for his birthday. I find it a bit precious (and I disagree with some of her proclamations, mainly from personal experience). But I did like the idea of that beet sandwich. (Sadly I’d already finished off our beets vinaigrette when I read about it!)

  9. becca Says:

    I’m the only one in my house that loves pickles and olives, but luckily they last forever.
    I often wish I had more help eating salad- especially the premixed salad I like best which is all field greens and berries. Partner can be talked in to savory salads I make, but not that one.

  10. chacha1 Says:

    I love beets. I love SPAM. (I find that it is a guilty pleasure for a lot of other people my age, actually, so this is not in truth an uncommon like.)
    My dislikes are also common. :-)

  11. Leah Says:

    My husband loves beets, bratwurst, and sausage — all things I dislike. Thankfully, my mom likes them, so they enjoy beets whenever we visit their house.

    My issue isn’t so much likes and dislikes as repetition preferences. I can make a big vat of something and eat it all week. My husband will tolerate leftovers for a day or two but far prefers variety. So, I’m trying to learn how to freeze stuff in order to take advantage of bulk cooking but not bore him.

    Also, my fav veggies are broccoli and brussels sprouts — could eat them daily — and he gets sick of those. That makes me sad, but sometimes I just cook the veggies for just me.

  12. accm Says:

    My kids love kale. In any form. I eat it, but would just as happily live without it. But if the kids decide they love a leafy vegetable I am definitely going to cook it!

  13. pyrope Says:

    Okra – if I had to eat one veg every day for the rest of my life, that would be the one…provided my husband agreed to cook it for me (because I would rather just eat whatever is lying around than bother cooking, and okra is probably not as delicious if uncooked).

  14. Astra Says:

    Raw tomatoes. I still love him but really…

  15. eemusings Says:

    Soy milk! (And no, not for any particular health reason)

  16. undine Says:

    Raw peas, but it’s not a problem that no one else likes them. More for me!

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