Late link love

It has been a long week and next week is even more packed.  Oh, I should tell #2 that I’m going to be out of town next weekend.

Let’s see…

Why it’s worth fighting even if we don’t “win”

Calling out bs

Have you even heard the perspective of Trump supporters?


Double Sigh.

Trump isn’t even remotely hiding his corruption anymore

ICE arrests green card applicants

I want this shirt

From the makers of ACTUALLY

Arm shaving

Networking is hard

Predatory journals recruit fake editor

What is an elite college really worth?

Daria 20 years later

Holy Schiz-balls Batman!

I wish I worked efficiently

I am liking these so far

Donate to the NRDC to fight Pruitt’s anti-environment/anti-safety agenda

I vote for the following video as #2’s new exercise (also:  can she add grading my problem sets at the same time?)


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