From out of the briny deep… link love! (or kraken, but probably link love)


#2’s kid is playing this game

#1 cannot stop watching these tiny kittens #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter

This is our new favorite Twitter follow, with the three stages of a woman’s life.

One of many takes on the recent United ish.  Another (lengthy) twitter thread that should have been a blog post: in 66 parts.  And more United.  Ugh.  So few airlines, so many cock-ups to go around.

Twitter says, buy index funds.  Maureen Johnson tweeted an excellent GIF.

Apparently this is inspiring.  (sorry, I guess everything’s tweets this week or something?  #2 reads twitter every day but I don’t usually, so I’m really out of touch with what twitter does these days.)  But because it’s been everywhere, even I know about this wonderful baby video–  so frickin’ cute!

Speaking of inspiring, I registered for this.  And I guess young people are less politically polarized than old people, so… progress?

Outstanding podcasts for readers!  (I like some of them; others I’ve never heard of.)

Here’s a video.


Leave us notes in the comments with more GIFs and/or baby videos and/or baby animals.

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