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FDA denies Trump admin directed agency to display Fox News on its tvs despite email evidence to the contrary.

Indivisible suggests next steps now that Trumpcare has passed the House.  Suggestions from Delagar.  We gave $350 to swing left— $10 for each of 35 opponents in swing districts where the republican congress-people voted to destroy lives with TrumpCare.

Even people with employer-based healthcare aren’t exempt from the negative changes from Trumpcare.

Donations from this poster sale go to help resettle refugees.  We have the LOVE poster in the hallway between our children’s rooms (next to DC2’s signs for the women’s march and the science march) and it is just adorable.

Amanda Knox on why quid pro quo is bad for the US.

Delagar shares her lack of health insurance story.  It’s not pretty.  Jen Sorensen shares hers again.

Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t enough.

This is what criminalizing free speech looks likeLiterally.

Trump’s administration is successfully terrorizing immigrants.  One of my colleagues who volunteers with a local immigrant group told me that a trailer park owner in town has been using immigrants’ increased fear of government to perpetrate fraud against them by levying fake fines that they pretend are from the city.

Stupid Puritans.

F the police.  :(

It makes me so angry that media is still doing this.  And thank you, Washington Post for pointing it out.  Angry and tired.

Wandsci is here to help.

This really is epic.

Tutus  and more tutus

Elsevier is being a jerk.

How to make time for research?  People disagree!

The tragic history of Piedmont, Alabama.  Why there was a civil war.

Hate has no home here, a burn by a 7th grader

Word can read your prose aloud to you.

Linking to a gai shan life’s link love because of the cute hedgehog pic at the bottom.

How much is too much?

The horror of the creeping bellflower

US and Canada at the same latitudes as Europe

Baby animal names

Academic Noir


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