Link Love

If you read one thing this week from this list, make it this transcript

A gofundme campaign is not health insurance.  Surely we could provide insulin to all type I diabetics… there’s very little moral hazard there unless there’s some use for insulin for non-diabetics that I’m not aware of.

A thread about assault of people who question your views.

Why they can’t, literary style

Turns out Trump didn’t actually save jobs at Carrier.

Neil Gaiman will do a reading of the cheesecake factory menu if this site raises 500K for refugees

Oh Jeez


So much this

I’m glad my DH isn’t like this

This is where I’m at too (though I have different aged toes)

How to keep your group motivated


The TSA found a Scientist’s 3-D Printed mouse penis


A story about Mr. Rogers that made me cry

A saver vs. spender relationship from the perspective of the former spender

Status goods

Working in small vs large offices

What do you do when your day starts later than you’d planned?

I want one of these so much

A day in the life

A book by only its cover


One Response to “Link Love”

  1. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I’m glad that while I choose to take the mental load on most household stuff, PiC proactively takes the mental load on the stuff I don’t care to do and also the execution thereof, along with the assigned tasks I organize, as well. I haven’t cleaned or thought about cleaning a toilet in years, except for the times he’s reminded me about it because he did it. I’m pleased about my track record on that because I derive zero pleasure from cleaning toilets. But I like doing laundry.

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