We answer your googled questions

Q:  how to make grading more fun

A:  Markers.  Wine.  Alternatively, Fun pens and small rewards after milestones (like a 4 min vlogbrothers video or a part of a book chapter)

Q:  what if i don’t sleep train my baby

A:  You’re a BAD MOMMY– no, wait, actually nobody cares (the people who pretend to care should mind their own business).  Do whatever works for your family.  Seriously, you don’t have to sleep train.

Q:  the weeding i enjoyed most

A:  Chickweed?

Q:  should i buy expensive pikolinos shoes?

A:  if you want them and can afford them, yes!

Q:  when students complain about professor what to tell them

A:  “Why would you want to irritate the person in charge of your grades?”  (Don’t do that really though.)  Actually I think you mean when someone complains about another professor.  Hm, where is that post…  Here ya go.

Q:  why do people say live as though it’s your last day

A:  Because they don’t want to pay their taxes.

Q:  hows presentation of neconomics made

A:  Don’t do black magic

Q:  why do people complain about their low salary

A:  Grinding grip of capitalist inequality.  Also, it is nicer to have a high salary.

Q:  is sleep need related to intelligence: i.e., the more brilliant, the less need of sleep?

A:  I could look up the research on this but I’m too sleepy.  But yes, it is related in kids.

Q:  what do university professors do in the summer

A:  Sleep (not so much).  Teach (not me!).  Write and do research (soooo much).  Travel (lots of conferences).  Write and do research.  Supervise research assistants (if we’re lucky).  Write… We’re not off.


2 Responses to “We answer your googled questions”

  1. becca Says:

    Not sure if “Black magic neconomics” is a really clever name for a death metal band of economists, or what Trump does.

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