I am going to register as a Republican

I mentioned this to two of my colleagues and they told me they already had!  One of them grew up in a red state and said that’s the only way she’s been able to affect politics– through primaries.  The other said he did it after the presidential election.

It seems messed up, but our local Indivisible group has said that their goal is not to run a dem but to find a moderate republican with morals to primary our tea party congressman.  I agree that’s a good goal given our current district stats, as much as I miss the blue-dog dem we had before he was gerrymandered out of existance.

I will still, of course, vote straight blue ticket in the main election, so I hope the dems find someone to run.


15 Responses to “I am going to register as a Republican”

  1. Mr. Millionaire Says:

    Makes me wonder how many (true) Republicans register as Democrats in the blue states.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      It does seem like the whole “registered X” thing is pretty meaningless.

      • Contingent Cassandra Says:

        In some states (including mine, at least last I checked; I think there’s been some desire on the part of political parties to make a change), you just say which ballot you want when you walk into any particular primary. So you have to decide for that primary, but only for that primary (and, at least at my polling precinct, the question is “which ballot do you want?” not “to which party do you belong?”).

    • Cloud Says:

      I think it depends on the primary rules. In CA, democratic primaries are open to anyone and anyway, we’ve switched to open “top 2 go on the final ballot regardless of party” primaries for most offices… so most of my Republican friends stay registered Republican. Back before we had open primaries they would occasionally vote in the Democratic primaries if they lived in a solidly blue district. Despite what people say about coastal elites, not all of California is solidly blue, and some of it is actually solidly red.

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Call your senators about the AHCA today:

  3. Lisa Says:

    I hope you don’t mean that you actually vote straight ticket, regardless of which way you would vote. That is one of the things that drives me crazy in my very red state – people will vote for anyone as long as they are on the Republican ticket. Sometimes, someone from another party might be the best person for the job.

    • Anu Says:

      In the current political climate, I would hope she votes straight ticket. Anyone with an R next to their name is complicit in the current Trumpian atrocities in my book. There are always extreme outliers, but I don’t understand how anyone who cares about the future of this country can vote anything but straight ticket Democrat, if that’s a possibility, at this present moment.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I do mean I will vote straight ticket democrat. If it makes you feel better, I still have to make decisions between the Libertarian and Republican (and the occasional Green Party candidate) for most races since dems don’t run people.

  4. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Huh, that makes about as much sense, or more, than what’s been going on lately. Hey, if it works!

  5. bogart Says:

    Sounds like a plan, good work. I’m registered (genuinely) Democrat in a state where everyone used to register Democrat for the reasons you’re describing (only party where primaries mattered or that put forward competitive candidates, if any at all) — in the South, obviously. I think I’ll likely stay as I am, though your post does raise an interesting question. There are decent Democrats here (some), and meaningful Democratic primaries ditto, but I could actually change my registration to Independent and pick my primaries on a year-to-year basis (not both, but either). Hmmm …

  6. Anonymousforreasons Says:

    I registered as an R 24 years ago for work reasons. I have kept that and will continue as R – despite thinking I would change when I retire- because I get to write to my R elected reps and say, ” I am a Republican constituent and I think what you are doing is unconscionable” (or insert other descriptor). They are only going to listen to those of their party so I use it.

  7. Amy` Says:

    When I lived in DC, everyone registered Democrat. I heard that even James Buchanan did, but that might be apocryphal. DC residents don’t get to vote for anything nationally except president anyway, and the district goes 99% D. Sometimes, there isn’t even a republican running for some local offices.

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