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The senate is trying to pass the ACHA without input from anybody– they’re hoping to put a vote up right after the CBO comes out without allowing anybody to understand what is in the bill.  It looks like they might have enough votes to do it.  Why?  Because they think they can.  They think we’re all distracted by this whole Comey thing.  They want to do the same thing that the House did and pass it without giving anyone time to understand it first.  Why?  Because it is a bad bill that will hurt Americans.  Even if you’re in a state where you know your legislators aren’t listening to you, it is important to keep contacting them to let them know that you’re paying attention.  Because the more they think they can get away with, the more that they’re going to do.  I’ll try to finish up one of the posts on more ways to activism that’s sitting in drafts, because it’s important to become active again.  Until then, read this excellent twitter thread with suggestions and links and discussion of the ACHA and explanations of what the GOP senate is trying to do.  I know it has been hard and tiring and demoralizing, believe me, I know, but it’s still incredibly important.  Let’s give it another push.  Because every little bit that we do literally saves lives down the line.

Who is human in your America?

Race and government by design

This entire thread by John Hodgman

The Iowa General Assembly cut funding to the long term care office in order to punish Kim Weaver for running against noted racist Steve King in Iowa.

JK Rowling on why “liberals” who attack women for being women are not really liberals.

You don’t get to talk about abortion unless

How sexism played a role in Trump’s election

Ariana Grande, y’all

eighteen hours

Oh yeah, that’s totally a nipple

Can men and women be friends?

Do you enjoy travel?  Why?


Chalk paint

Wish Linda from a windy city gal a happy belated birthday!


12 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. undine Says:

    AHCA is a bad bill, no matter how many times our local representative tries to say it’s not. I’ll keep writing to them & keep fighting it. Our senators have more good sense.

  2. Debbie M Says:

    I got extremely demoralized after I saw something from the guy who started the Weather Channel explaining why so-called climate change was a hoax, just for politics, and that what’s really happening is that an ice age is ending. As if he’s not a scientist As if he doesn’t know how an ice age really looks. Well, I guess he’s a weather guy and not a climate guy, but still, it was disheartening, and it’s very good weaponry for the bad guys. And my favorite uncle likes it. :-( I couldn’t even figure out how to respond.

    But a couple of days ago I called (ugh) my senators again–on three issues (AHCA, net neutrality and selling weapons to Saudi Arabia)–and I got through to (representatives of) both. When I asked, I was told that one of my senators (Cruz) has not yet made a statement about his position on the AHCA, which is kind of good news, but maybe he’s just pretending to wait until the CBO report. I said I was hoping he would wait for something that’s actually better than Obamacare, and not just pass something because it was proposed by a so-called Republican.

  3. Debbie M Says:

    Two more links I love:

    Google “Nevada Medicaid for All.” I didn’t even know a state could extend Medicaid to everyone! Last I heard they still need the governor and the feds to approve it, but other states are watching.

    Google “We Are Still In” for a list of American states, cities, counties, universities, and businesses that are still going to do their part against climate change.

    I found out about this one because our local food coop is on that list, though I would never have found them because they are listed as “National Co+op Grocers,” which is a group of coops to which they belong. My city is there, too, of course, but not my state, also of course.

    I am even inclined to check this list before shopping, but I think it’s very easy to get on it (with no third party checking that you’re doing anything).

  4. Debbie M Says:

    Here’s another fun one: “Democrats shame Republicans with ‘adopt a district’ plan to hold town halls for missing GOP representatives” – Democrat Congressmen hold town halls for Republicans in neighboring districts who refuse to do so.

  5. Solitary Diner Says:

    Thanks for the link to Kelly Thinks Too Much! I think I’ve just added another blog to my already untenable list of blogs to read.

  6. SP Says:

    Thanks for the link love!

    And for all of the other links!

  7. Linda Says:

    As usual, a great list of links. Thank you for the birthday wishes, and for encouraging others to give them, too.

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