A let’s prevent the AHCA link-love (Also cute animal pics and other links.)

ACHA vote THIS WEEK. THIS WEEK.  More info hereCall/protest/etc. even if you’ve already called and protested and etc.

Explanation of estimated deaths from the AHCA.

How the AHCA will cause Veterans to lose health care coverage by state.

Add an amendment making sure you personally get to keep reasonable health care coverage to the AHCA amendment process. More explanation here in this thread on how it works— it is not a silver bullet, but if we get to this point it will shed light.

RNC voter data leak

Economics and policy in the age of Trump

#1 notes that socialism is not incompatible with capitalism, and in some people’s views is an improved version of capitalism!  (If you’re using economic theories of capitalism– political scientists are probably using different jargon.)

Learning to read as an adult changes deep regions in the brain

Mrs. Comet Hunter ramps up summer

Why have teenagers stopped getting summer jobs?

Adventures in downsizing

Cat domination




6 Responses to “A let’s prevent the AHCA link-love (Also cute animal pics and other links.)”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  2. jane Says:

    Thank you so much for running this blog and your posts.
    I just got off a phone call from a woman I have known for 45 years who has LOTS of privilege, college degree in science, and major money. She was saying she had been trying to read about this healthcare issue and simply found it hard as there was lots of hysteria and few facts and the Republicans are simply being fiscally responsible.
    Then she said “Well, if the Democrats don’t like this proposal, why don’t they have a proposal of their own.”
    I was chill enough to say “They do, it is called the ACA”.
    “Oh, you mean ObamaCare.”
    “No, I mean the ACA. Some people think it is ok to cancel ObamaCare because their coverage is from the ACA, so I am careful to use the right name.”
    “Oh, well, what is wrong with the Republican idea?”
    “Well, defunding Planned Parenthood, increasing insurance rates for older people, the position on pre-existing conditions, women’s health isssues, and reducing medicare coverage and eligibility, in order to give tax cuts to the rich.”
    “Of course I support keeping Planned Parenthood, but those program cuts won’t happen for several years, so they don’t matter.”
    “Except for the tax cuts for the rich, who are financially able to pay those current taxes without changing their lifestyle or impacting their housing, diets, health care and family education.”
    “Well, of course!”
    SO thank you for this day’s writing, and all of the ones in the past and those to come in the future. Helps me to know I am not alone.

  3. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I am thoroughly tired of McCain acting as if he has morals, a conscience, or a spine and then rolling over on every vote that he’s made negative remarks about.

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