Link love man #1 watched a lot of youtube videos this week

Sunday is the impeachment march!

All the phone calls you’ve been making matter.

How many people approve of the Senate health care bill?

Former GOP congressman is pro-Obamacare after losing his job.

KFF on the potential impact of the Senate GOP Health Care bill

Some pictures of who it would hurt.

I wonder if the voter suppression data that they collect is going to go straight to Russia.  Given that they requested it via an insecure link, I doubt the Trump administration would even need to give Russia the data directly.  I feel really uncomfortable knowing that my name, party affiliation, address, last 4 digits of my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, voting history, and so on could be going to be going straight to a foreign government.  I did not sign up to live in a dystopian novel!!!  Maybe you’ll have better luck calling your secretary of state to protect your data?

EPA to dismantle rule that would protect drinking water

An excellent article on how CA has gotten the lowest mortality rate in the US.

… speaking of the dangers of placenta…. (this is one you can avoid!)

Why is the onus on women to curb workplace interruptions?

Student evaluations at center of AU tenure fight

Can better gut flora help combat PTSD?

Apes and swimming

Advice for economists

Failure and resiliance

Are you overworked?

What is financial health?

Important financial steps

Time to bust your budget?

What happens to retirement plans and 529 plans in bankruptcy (no, we’re not having one, but if the Senate health bill passes with its reinstitution of lifetime caps, nobody is safe)

Stephen Fry + audible!

Zillow gave up on threatening mcmansion hell

Terrible real estate photos

Finally in the right math class

When do people take sexist dress codes seriously?  The answer may not surprise you.

I almost want to see this film

Wants a cat

Riding the chamber horse for exercise

The end of this one

On this last one here, the woman in the polka dotted shirt speaks for me:


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  1. Donna Freedman Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, ma’ams.

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