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Republican lawmakers buy health insurance stocks as they surge during Obamacare repeal effort.

Black moms die in childbirth 3 times as often as white moms.  Except in North Carolina.

How do we empty the pool (as opposed to teaching people to swim)?

Why Do College-Going Interventions Work?

We present evidence from a series of field experiments in college coaching/mentoring. We find large impacts on college attendance and persistence, but only in the treatments where we use an intensive boots-on-the-ground approach to helping students. Our treatments that provide financial incentives or information alone do not appear to be effective. For women, assignment to our mentoring treatment yields a 15 percentage point increase in the college-going rate while treatment on the treated estimates are 30 percentage points (against a control complier mean rate of 43 percent). We find much smaller treatment effects for men, and the difference in treatment effects across genders is partially explained by the differential in self-reported labor market opportunities. We do not find evidence that the treatment effect derives from simple behavioral mistakes, student disorganization, or a lack of easily obtained information. Instead our mentoring program appears to substitute for the potentially expensive and often missing ingredient of skilled parental or teacher time and encouragement.

How Trump’s rhetoric is hurting journalists— and how even white male CIS Christian journalists are getting a taste of what it’s like to be a woman or minority on the internet.

Republicans voted to eliminate the only federal agency that make sure voting machines can’t be hacked.

Delagar fixes her dryer.

Where does your time go?

Money mistakes with a mortgage.  Also– for our readers who are interested in getting started with the basics of personal finance and handling their money, Feminist Financier has some really great posts that start at the beginning (you don’t have to want to be financially independent to get use from her posts).  She does a really good job defining terms and explaining concepts.  (And there are few enough posts that you can start with her first post and move forward.)

I know some of you have remodeled parts of your houses (including bathrooms)– help Stacking Pennies out with suggestions of where she should even start.

This webcomic is sweet.



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