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If you live in Colorado, you can become a “confidential voter” meaning that Colorado cannot share your voter information (not even with Trump).

Newest version of the Senate Republican healthcare bill is still a nightmare.  I know we sound like broken records, but we still need everyone to be making those phone calls to senators.  With this new bill they only have two Rs saying no.  It could pass.  We need to keep calling.


Remember the little boy with the heart surgery?  His mom has been getting death threats for sharing their story.

A hero using his privilege for good.

This discussion of race and gender surrounding the bachelor in paradise scandal was really good.  (Trigger: discussions of sexual assault)

Meanwhile:  this season’s Bachelorette is prompting discussions about race and class. (Why racist Lee should never have been on the show in the first place.)

BLM puts out an ad

An interview with Roxanne Gay

Kid Rock is running for senate.

Redneck revolt

Douchebag is still pretty weak, but it is accurate.

Wow, Dr. Jen Gunter and GOOP’s misogynistic, mansplaining hit job.  Note:  GOOP is endangering its readers with pseudoscience in order to sell dangerous products.


#2 is saving the planet!

How pro writers deal with criticism

Ugh, I found out my SIL’s school district is being scammed by a terrible 403(b) provider.  I hope she takes DH’s advice (and my FIL’s advice) to stop contributing to it since it isn’t matched, and to open up a Vanguard IRA instead.  I will rant more about this at length sometime in August (you have to hear about all sorts of other personal money stuff, mostly stuff breaking down, first– sorry!)

Can’t fail with FIRE

Suck it up

I want to eat stuffed pizza

Fun Funny comfort reads for the SFF soul.

Wait for it

David Bowie hogwarts

Oops!  (Also I kinda want to read it…)

2 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I once thought that Kid Rock’s crossover into country music was an affront. Running for Senate, now? Is anyone else making the same face that I’m making??

    And why does anyone at all think that anything GOOP publishes is a good idea? On second thought, maybe I don’t want to know who believes in their tripe.

    Also I kind of hate the debate that I have with myself over not having more kids even though I might want them – having another would increase our carbon footprint substantially. That chart doesn’t make me feel any better. Rationalizing the one kid: we don’t do an excessive amount of air or car travel but we DO travel and own cars. If we all go vegetarian and continue to drive minimally, could we justify a second?

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