Link Love

Not much this week– #1 is traveling and #2 has had company.  We’ve had some good news on the not destroying health insurance front, but it’s still not over, so we can’t get complacent.  Republicans are also pushing a narrative that regular people just don’t care about Trump’s ties to Russia.  And, as always, there’s a ton of different horrible stuff that you can act on.  Give 5calls a whirl if you haven’t lately.  Or get connected locally (we like indivisible— but there are a lot of options!).  Campaigns for midterms are getting started across the country, and they need your help and donations.

This scientist was punished by the Trump administration for speaking up about climate change.

Trump’s border wall is already being built and it is destroying a wildlife refuge

Trump’s twitter bots are a fake news army taking over facts

How libertarianism means that the bullies are in charge.

financial samurai discusses 529 plan details

Why is the scariest student loan number less than $5000?  (tl:dr– those are low income folks who didn’t finish their degree)

How to trick people into saving money

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