Link love for a long week

This week was really pushing it on the “I hate white men” front #notallwhitemen.  I’m tired of sexism, I’m tired of mansplaining, and I’m especially tired of so-called liberal men who do nothing but tell women that they’re doing it wrong.  F@#$23ing put forth some effort yourself, jackasses.  Instead of telling the woman she should be doing something different than what she’s doing (ESPECIALLY if what you think she’s wasting her time on involves her advocating for abortion rights or police not killing black people or any of those other things so-called socialist white men deem as unimportant, you racist misogynist prick), why don’t you @#$23ing take up the torch and do the thing you’re telling her to do instead.  Instead of just writing posts or complaining in the hallway at work about how wimmen are doing it wrong and wasting their time, do what you think should be done instead yourself.  As much as you want it to be true, women are not your lackeys (yet).  I know the Republican party is working its best to have a desperate subservient woman in every home, but they’re not there yet.  Don’t help them get there.

Shout out to other Gen Xers (and boomers) who are having childhood flashbacks of learning to duck-and-cover in the event of a nuclear bomb.

BTW, if you or someone you love in the US is under 40, you can buy FDA approved Potassium Iodide from Amazon for use in a nuclear emergency (note affiliate link).  Remembering Katrina, I don’t really trust that the US will have their supply chains ready for this kind of emergency.  A package is $14.  Here’s the CDC’s instructions on how to use it.

This is truly terrifying thread.  Here’s an addendum.

Well, obviously

Even if you already know all there is to know about the prisoner’s dilemma, this link is really amazing and well worth the (15-30 min) it takes to play through it.  If I were teaching micro instead of methods, I would definitely add it as a class assignment for discussion.

Creating a hostile work environment seems to be reason enough to fire someone.  Here’s some more reasons.  Here’s a thread on “debate” that really isn’t debate.

Speaking of hostile work environments, in 1998, Milton Friedman said that the pendulum had tipped too far in gender equity in economics and now men were being discriminated against.  AND that statement was published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives (a top journal in our field).  I Can’t Even.

Seems legit and well-argued.

Scalzi talks about when he realized GLBTQ people are people.  I don’t remember ever not knowing that, something I attribute (after considerable introspection) to having lived in SF as a small child and having parents who were from the Bay Area and had partnered friends.  Where it’s safer to be out, a wider spectrum of people will be out.  (Also one of my great-aunts was most likely in a long-term lesbian relationship.)  I’m not saying I was perfect– I’ve said cringeworthy things as a teen (telling someone when I was 15 that he couldn’t possibly know he was homosexual because he was only 13 and shouldn’t be interested in anybody yet, for example), but that I’m grateful to have had a wider and more varied experience than a lot of people did back in the 1980s– not just the “they’re all promiscuous dudes dying of AIDS” narrative the media was selling at the time.  So I saw that stereotype and similar from Tales of the City, and saw gay best friends and effeminate males in movies, but also had known adults in more pedestrian relationships and as soon as I got to boarding school met lots of boys and girls with all kinds of different personalities discovering and living their sexuality (including every letter of GLBTQ!).  College brought me in contact with both stereotypical and not-stereotypical gay guys and I had a bunch of friends who came out as lesbian and bisexual in college (a few of whom dated the same terrible emotionally destructive girlfriend, something that showed me that some homosexual partners can be just as bad news as heterosexual ones!)  One of the things I love right now is that really amazing self-publishing authors are starting to tell the stories of same-sex relationships without the standard tropes of tragedy striking half the couple (Deanna Raybourn– you could have done better).  We have a future Wednesday post that talks more about our thoughts on culture normalizing GLBTQ– We’ve been pushing it off a bit after the Trump Transgender ban hit because it seemed to strike too much of an optimistic note given current events.  Keep making those phone calls about protecting Transgender rights . It’s likely there’s also state and local things going on– rights are expanding in some states and are under attack in others. I’m not sure how to figure out what’s going on in your particular state, but maybe your local Indivisible group can help?

Iowa dems win special election in Trump +22 district

5calls is soliciting donations

One author on this paper is a bit of a known racist/misogynist, so it isn’t surprising that he buried the lede (check out the last sentence).  The summary of the paper in the NBER reporter has a very different spin on the same findings:  Over the first 20 years in the U.S., the average adult refugee pays taxes that exceed relocation costs and social benefits. 

Taxes, Behavior, and Regressive Incentives  One of the things I’ve been noticing on the PF blogosphere is an increased tipping towards go @#$3 the poor, I want what’s mine.  We’ll be trying to push back on that a bit in posts and comments as we go forward on the internet.  I hope you all do the same.  Because I really do believe that most people are good deep down, but culture can tip notions of fairness.  Right now there are a lot of Russian bots and US oligarchs that want us to become a more fascist union with even greater income inequality.  But the future of our nation depends on how we treat our children and the opportunities adults have to get out of poverty.  And in a rich nation, we can do far better with how we treat the worst off.  Life does not need to be “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”– after all this isn’t 1651 anymore.  Let’s tip towards reminding folks that kindness should be our first response.  (I agree with this article #2 sent me that notes the same thing about tipping towards lack of empathy, BUT I disagree that we cannot change culture.  We ARE culture.  Debating may not work, but reminding, telling people’s stories, telling our own stories, shutting people down when they show lack of empathy towards others… these are things that actually work.  I’ve seen them work on fora.  But there need to be enough empathetic voices to change the tide.  Maybe we need pay-it-forward bots to combat the screw-everybody-who-isn’t-me bots)

Not just Russian bots are spreading propaganda for personal gain.  There’s also US bots.

This Scalzi short story has new meaning

My grandma is in here.  (My parents have a hardcopy of this book, complete with pictures.  It’s pretty amazing.)

Well read black girl

A few personal finance sites have been making arguments that you MUST have a pre-nup and if it’s too late for a pre-nup, then you need to go out and get yourself a post-nup immediately no matter what your circumstances.  This well-reasoned article does a much better job of talking about the pros and cons of when you should have a pre-nup or post-nup.

If you live in Canada, don’t save for your children’s education using a group RESP!

Everyone is sorry.

Huh, it really is a mallow from the marsh.  Who knew.  (Besides #2, of course.  She seems to known all sorts of random trivia.)

Ice Cream, America, and War

Do you have any suggestions for how to break into tech?

Jordan the cat’s library card


a woo hoo

Boy that was a chatty link love this week.  Maybe we should have turned some of those paragraphs into posts.  Let us know in the comments!


7 Responses to “Link love for a long week”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    … and this morning I wake up to twitter being full of nazis. How do we defeat nazis in our own country? How do we defeat fascism? What can we do?

  2. Kay Says:

    Yes to more on that Done by Forty piece….

  3. becca Says:

    Googlebro is such a bad scientist it makes me cringe. I feel really strongly that it’s crucial people realize that is NOT science. I mean really. What IRB would approve castration of infants and then raising them as girls? Where would they get the babies for that randomized experiment? Who would publish it?
    There are *legitimate* studies to be done on the role of hormones and development. A lot of them are studies in mice, because we can use tools like the fore-core genotypes (male gonads with XY chromosomes, male gonads with XX chromosomes, female gonads with XY chromosomes and female gonads with XX chromosomes). These are not super relevant to women in tech. They are interesting, important, worthy of funding and done with much more attention to legal and ethical guidelines than Googlebro’s manifesto would imply.
    And the guy has a Master’s degree. He knows how to cite studies. He’d just rather argue using a simulation of academic cvil debate that simply provokes with a large number of blatantly inaccurate assertions.

    That said, it’s important to note that no single bigot can make a hostile work environment. Or at least that a single bigot with this kind of ostensibly civil document would be a tough case to win in court. So it’s not necessarily true that there is a legal “need” to fire him.
    The trouble is, Google was *already* under fire for unequal pay. They *already* have a skewed tech workforce. They *already* have too many Damores in their ranks, as any tech woman at the company is probably aware of. In the prisoner’s dilemma terms, he is not the only “cheat” in this tournament (that link is awesome, btw). In that sense, he wasn’t fired for “creating a hostile work environment” all by his lonesome, he was fired for “making the company’s dirty laundry public”. Not as a whistleblower, trying to improve it, but by being a vivid illustration of a dark underbelly of the company.

  4. delagar Says:

    That prisoner’s dilemma link is just excellent. Thanks for sharing!

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