Saturday evening link love

Not much excuse here other than I’ve had a two day headache and didn’t bother to ask #2 to do the link love instead.  I feel really bad because I didn’t do any activism this week other than donating to Donors Choose and some Harvey stuff.  My favorite list, Actions for Americans, comes out of Houston and was silent this week so I kept putting it off.  But I know this coming week is important for DACA– Trump wants to get rid of it, some Republican lawmakers are vocalizing opposition, that means there’s a lot of positive room for calls/faxes/etc. to make a difference.  There’s also calls we can make about the EPA not paying attention to toxins in the Houston water, proposed cuts to FEMA, the proposed border wall, reauthorizing the national flood insurance program, and climate change.  These are all very topical this week.  I will do a better job about activism this week even if my favorite list of action items doesn’t come out.

How to donate money and other aid to communities of color in Houston.  I have some students flying home to Houston (the airports have reopened, most of them live in higher areas that weren’t as affected) for Eid who are planning on spending the time volunteering.

Blatant corruption

A plea from Penzey’s

Tricks to spotting fake twitter accounts

Monopolies are bad for democracy.

Mayor of Hell declares heterosexuality illegal.

A great post by not of general interest.

Writing is like sex because

The battery… passed away.

do want (only with more books)

A calendar of special dinners

Below is a picture of our former Garage Cat, happy in his forever home.  (The photographer intervened right after taking the picture!)

2 Responses to “Saturday evening link love”

  1. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    That dog (NYer tweet) is SO like Seamus, down to the almost yearning look on his face hoping that the human is going to share a bite.

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