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Sorry we’re late again.  My Thursdays and Fridays are now packed with people so all my introverted self wants to do when I get home on Friday is go to sleep after spending time with the family.

Lots of articles this week (that we’re not linking to) about Trump doing X, Y, or Z.  Like going with the democrats to only raising the debt ceiling for 3 months instead of the later time the Republicans want, or the 6 month deadline for congress to do something about DACA recipients.  All of this seems to me to be part of his reality show training.  No, he isn’t rolling over for the dems.  He’s making *the most dramatic choice*.  He’s doing the reality show thing where he’s introducing man-made drama.  In this case his “apprentice” contestants just happen to be congress being given an artificially shortened time-line to work miracles.  This isn’t grand strategy.  It’s what makes the kind of reality television I hate.  And he’s dragging all of us with him.  I’m waiting for the Atlantic article on this, but instead they seem to be responding to each new thing separately and trying to figure it out from like logic or something.  The logic is TV drama.  (Also, of course, there’s the racist thing– most of his decisions are just flat out racist and evil.)

In other news, Equifax allowed my account to be hacked.  Now it is trying to make money off of me.  Fortunately it looks like after some intervention by the NY attorney general, I won’t be losing my right to sue if I take them up on their credit monitoring.

Some information about TX abortion services you can donate to.

I feel like Sim’s permanent place in CITI training about the Tuskegee study is a better reminder of what he did than is a statue.

What to make of the new facebook-Russia revelation

Even more emoluments

man who has it all requests token male historical figure suggestions for a friend’s syllabus

EPA now requires political aide’s sign-off for agency awards, grant applications

Paramedic who rescued Harvey victims may be deported

The eternal banality of the white-dude pundit

Libbra Bray has thoughts on the Lord of the Flies remake

Try this learning hack to help students remember more

Personal finance resources

A floor too far

Sweet romantic story in the commentary

Congratulations, crazymama, Phd!

Just netflixed this pre-code movie that I found when I was looking for Edward Everett Horton movies.  (He was in a LOT of pre-code stuff.)  This little scene online (see below) made me want to watch the entire movie and boy is it worth it.  I normally dislike movies in which all of the main characters are horrible people, but this one is so clever and so sneaky with its social commentary that I can do nothing other than heartily recommend it.

7 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. Linda Says:

    I want to think that the Equifax breach and the other news surrounding it is shocking, but I don’t. Security breaches seem so common these days. I’m trying to reserve judgement about what looks like misconduct by those executives, but if they turn out to be dirtbags then that again doesn’t surprise me. (I feel so jaded at this point. Ugh.) My Capital One credit card offers a free service called Creditwise that seems to pull info from TransUnion. I’m hoping that by monitoring it I can stay ahead of any issues. I really don’t want to have to pay for coverage. (And, yeah, my info was likely compromised according to the Equifax website.)

  2. grk Says:

    So, followed your links and tried to reach equifax for the obvious reasons. Firefox would not connect because their (Equifax) conneccion to reach them on-line is not secure. Comment? opinion? what to do?
    Thank you.

  3. Donna Freedman Says:

    Thanks for that letter of the week/year/decade. Seriously: Thank you.

  4. Nicole Says:

    The Equifax execs waited several weeks to inform the public of the data breach, meanwhile they engaged in insider trading on that non-public information. That’s galling.

  5. Rosa Says:

    Equifax also got their hometown Congressman to sponsor a bill protecting them from punitive damages in lawsuits and capping total damages they could lose, back in May. Donna Freedman reposted a thing Liz Weston wrote about it. All Republican cosponsors, of course.

  6. chacha1 Says:

    Letter of the year, for sure.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I have no recollection of saying it, but apparently my best line last year in my public finance class (according to my returning students this year) was, “Am I allowed to be against Nazis? Surely I can be anti-Nazi.”

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