Ask the grumpies: What music do you enjoy?

Leah asks:

what music do you enjoy listening to? Do you like going to concerts?

#1: I sometimes like going to concerts, although I often find them more trouble than they’re worth. I have many and varied musical tastes.  Bagpipes are the best.  [Really, she loves bagpipe music.]

#2: I like pretty much all music EXCEPT techno and most country (though I’ve gotten better about hating country living in the South for more than a decade). I still really hate techno. Anything that is super repetitious without variation drives me crazy after a while. I just can’t handle it.

I do not like going to concerts where the audience spends a lot of time standing. That really gets up my fear of crowds. I find most orchestra concerts dull because music without word seems like background music to me. I like operatic concerts and enjoyed the Boston pops when they had a guest I liked.

#1: here’s an incomplete list of music I really like listening to:

  • ’90s hip-hop
  • Missy Elliott
  • Salt-n-Pepa
  • Jackson 5
  • Katy Perry
  • Beyonce
  • Rihanna
  • dubstep
  • One Republic
  • Hamilton mixtape
  • musicals (incomplete list:  A Little Night Music, the Music Man, Guys & Dolls, Tick Tick BOOM, The Secret Garden, City of Angels, Into the Woods)
  • Gilbert & Sullivan
  • Bagpipes
  • Hildegard von Bingen
  • Waverly Consort
  • Owl City
  • Lady Gaga
  • Michelle Branch
  • U2
  • Dr Dre
  • MC Frontalot
  • [Jonathan Couton, Paul & Storm, John Roderick and the Long Winters]
  • Blackstreet
  • Lindsey Stirling
  • Taylor Swift
  • Adele
  • Madonna
  • Nikki Minaj
  • No Doubt
  • Peter Gabriel
  • Handel
  • J. S. Bach
  • some of Mozart
  • anything sung by Bernadette Peters
  • Sondheim
  • Kanye West (don’t love him but he’s a very talented musician)
  • Metallica
  • almost all ’80s music
  • power ballads; hair bands
  • AC/DC
  • a capella music
  • Pentatonix
  • Straight No Chaser
  • Nine Inch Nails
  • Apocalyptica
  • Def Leppard
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Angels & Airwaves
  • En Vogue
  • O.A.R
  • Barenaked Ladies
  • TMBG
  • madrigals
  • Renaissance music from all over the world
  • Naughty by Nature
  • The Corrs
  • The Scorpions
  • Flogging Molly
  • the Moana soundtrack
  • Tears for Fears

4 Responses to “Ask the grumpies: What music do you enjoy?”

  1. Omdg Says:

    I like the pandora stations hipster barbeque and dance pop radio the best, but also girl indie rock and 80s music the best.

  2. First Gen American Says:

    I was a big music buff but didn’t realize how much I stopped listening til I started teaching spinning and all my stuff was 20 years old. So now I’ve been making an effort to find new music again.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new arcade fire album, everything now. It’s the first album in a long time where I don’t just like 1 or 2 songs off it. It is currently on heavy rotation. I am also a big fan of Spoon. Love the exotic riff in sit next to you. For pop its Elle King. Eclectric is St. Vincent.

    Like my eating, I tend to listen/eat the same thing over and over until I can’t stand it anymore so much of my 90’s collection I am still sick of. Yes, I am talking to you Soundgarden Superunknown and turkey sandwich.

    For classics my favorite band I still listen to all the time is Talking Heads. Never got sick of sand in the Vaseline no matter how many times I played it but I also had a big boxette that had their whole collection. I still love David Bowie too.

    Fun post.

  3. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Speaking of Arcade Fire, they’re playing a pretty big concert out here. PiC and I were both surprised to see that billboard.

    I love music from most of #1’s list, and dislike techno. Or fail to appreciate it, whatever. Also throat singing. It’s a thing in the SE Asian community but I have zero appreciation for it.

  4. chacha1 Says:

    I love music. On my iPod I have everything from Busta Rhymes to Doris Day via Argentine Tango and k.d. lang. The only music I really don’t ever enjoy is techno (for reasons stated above) and improvisational jazz (just play the damn song plz). I am perpetually behind the times because I don’t listen to “radio,” so most of my pop music comes from soundtracks and Dancing with the Stars/So You Think You Can Dance. Mopey pop ballads don’t do much for me, oversexed club music likewise … lyrics are important. Stupid lyrics (like some misogynistic standards) kill a great tune for me. Otherwise, basically my two criteria are, 1) can I sing along to it; 2) can I dance to it.

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