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Man another exhausting week.  I’ve been doing a lot of work and this week was mostly service-free, so that’s good, but I am tired.  And, you know, horrible fascist US politics, especially the executive order destroying the ACA.  I don’t even know where to start with protesting that one.

Did I mention FASCISM?

women in the workplace

seems like yes, loser men are trying to harass us out of the workforce because they’re losers

The Rock test for men who don’t want to be accused of sexual harassment

red sun over the city

When I was a kid, I read books written in the 1970s where they talked about having to stay inside at recess because of air pollution.  But I was born after the first Earth Day and politicians did things to curb environmental problems even though they didn’t do enough.  And now, check out the air quality in the US.  Hank Green had been talking about having to stay indoors because of pollution too.  And of course, California is on fire.  So now we’re looking at pollution indices along with rain when making decisions about travel.  What a world.

More ashen pictures of California

Chicago does NOT have a handgun ban

Memories of Billie Jean King

New meaning to toxic masculinity (poop)


Mike Pence’s racist political stunt in Indianapolis cost tax payers over 88K.

Just stuff

The success narrative

money in your 20s vs 30s

Do you own vanguard funds?

the tree lobster is not extinct

defining nonprofit terms


The vegetarian ones look more reasonable than the meat ones in terms of time and exotic ingredients

The night before BCN

5 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. SP Says:

    Can anything be done about executive orders? This is just terrible. :(

  2. Solitary Diner Says:

    Thanks for the link! I can’t even deal with everything in the news right now, and I don’t even live in the States. I’m actually having to take a news-free weekend because my emotional reserves are close to zero, and if I hear anything else about a powerful misogynist I’m going to punch a random stranger.

    Have a great weekend! I will enjoy reading your links on Monday.

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