Brag about your kids/pets/loved ones/etc. here!

It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these threads, but the internet is not always a safe place to be proud of your loved ones (that is, for anything other than sports).  We say F-that.

We love hearing about how proud you are of the people and creatures in your sphere.  This might be because we feel the same way about our own kids/kittens/partners/etc. and aren’t threatened by you being surrounded by greatness.  Or it might be something to do with fighting the patriarchy.  We’re not sure.

In any case, don’t feel silenced.  We will never get upset at you for thinking well of someone who is genuinely awesome and broadcasting those thoughts.  (We will get upset if you support say, neo-Nazis.)

One rule, don’t start with a disclaimer like, “She may not be potty-trained yet, but…” or “I usually dislike X about him, but…” and don’t end with the disclaimer, “even though zie…”  These brags should be 100% positive with no apologies included.  Own your pride.

I know this is difficult in a society that cuts down tall poppies, but we’re commanding it so you have no choice.

I’ll start:

I love the way DC2 is really getting numbers right now.  Something has clicked so that Singapore addition and regular multiplication just make sense to hir and zie is getting really good at mental arithmetic (mostly with fingers, but increasingly without!).  I love seeing hir get “aha!” moments.  It’s the BEST.

DC1 has been doing a great job of not giving up and working hard at violin even though zie [note, this is an example of an “even though zie” that is an explanation, not a disclaimer] started a year behind all the other kids.

How about you and yours?  Add a little brightness to our day!

52 Responses to “Brag about your kids/pets/loved ones/etc. here!”

  1. Sandy L Says:

    #2 son really is pretty good at soccer but I mostly love that I don’t have to nag him to do his homework. He’d rather get it done. He also has a nickname “the mayor” because he knows everybody. Not only kids his age, but siblings, parents, every staff member at school. It’s pretty amazing.

    #1 son really contributes now and starting to act more grown up. He helped me rake leaves and it went super fast. When he’s on, he is great. He is also a little walking encyclopedia He knows all these random things from all the reading he does. This weekend he was really great with some very young kids that were staying at our house and even asked to hold the baby.

    I am really proud of both of my kids. The challenges we face are minor compared to the good.

    Ps. It was really hard to keep the buts out of this post. Bad mom.

  2. omdg Says:

    I love that my daughter is really excited about learning. She’s beginning to be able to read and is great at doing easy math in her head, and has a fantastic memory. Even though she doesn’t have homework, she will sit and do her activity book with our au pair every afternoon after school because she wants to do it. I also love that she is kind, and that she tries to include everyone, and is easy to get along with. She also loves helping around the house and does more and more things by herself every day.

    I am proud of our dog for — at nine years old — learning a bunch of new tricks even more effortlessly than she did as a young dog. She may leak pee on the bed every other night, but she still has a young mind.

  3. Kingston Says:

    My DS2 is having an amazing season as goalie for his college soccer team! Seemingly out of nowhere they’re nationally ranked, and my son has broken his school’s record, set in 1982, for most shutouts in a season. He also has the best goals-against average in his conference and has been named Defensive Athlete of the Week twice this season by the conference coaches.

    This is all pretty validating because I’ve really questioned the commitment our family made to his sports activities rather than emphasizing academics. As a bright guy who just has never particularly liked reading or math (he can do both competently, just without any enthusiasm), pretty much the only reason my son is in college is for the athletics. But he is getting at least somewhat of an education in spite of himself. I fully expect that eventually he’ll have to do it again in some fashion. But he’s developing … nerves of steel, confidence and authority, an understanding of his body, teamwork skills. His team is very diverse and he appreciates that; he left a higher-division but nearly all-white team to join this one partly because he found many players on the first team to be racist (I am so proud of him for that decision). He was always noticeably physically organized, even as a tiny little guy, and it is wonderful to see him developing his gift. Maybe all that soccer shlepping wasn’t for nothing!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      That’s great! And very impressive that he was able to leave a racist team instead of trying to fit in.

    • Rose Says:

      I wanted to let you know that we have been on a similar place with our son. He went to college primarily for athletics, then in his senior year of college, we were astonished when he told us he was more into the academics than his sport. Finally! But the sport paid off, not financially but in developing commitment, perseverance and other important character attributes that have served him well in his life and in his career.

  4. gasstationwithoutpumps Says:

    My son has been doing very well as a computer science student at UCSB, while simultaneously being the chief technical officer (that is sole hardware engineer, programmer, manufacturing liaison, …) for the startup company he and a friend created while in high school. They just released their 4th product, which drops the price point substantially (they were previously competing on having the highest quality products in their niche market—now they’ve managed to introduce that quality at entry-level prices). Check out their new product at

    (Incidentally, I’ve been encouraging them to introduce a 2-light set for kids too young for the ten-light gloving sets that have been their main products—if you think your kids would like to dance with blinking lights in the dark, send them requests at their contact link at the bottom of their web pages.)

    Oh, and he is also an amazing actor, though he is down to doing only one or two shows a year now (his peak year for number of shows was probably the senior year in high school—the same year he started Futuristic Lights).

  5. crazy mama, PhD Says:

    My 3-year-old is potty trained! And he put away his own clean laundry last week. He routinely says “no thank you,” he gives his baby brother lots of hugs, and he tells me “I love you Mama” about half a dozen times every day.

    The baby has discovered the hanging toys above his play mat. He looks at them and smiles and coos and wriggles his limbs around in adorable happiness.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    My 5-year-old thought that an upside-down egg carton looked a bit like the back of a stegosaurus, so proceeded to make her own stegosaurus costume using one. What really impressed me was that she had the idea, came up with a design, iterated on the design, and constructed it herself over the course of multiple days. The only adult involvement was a) cutting the egg carton up per her directions, as her hands were not strong enough to get the scissors to go through, and b) advising on time management (e.g. what could reasonably be accomplished before bedtime).

  7. Rose Says:

    My daughter in law had a performance review and was told she was too confident (mmm, no). She at first wondered how to fix that, then decided she is A-ok as it is.

  8. crone Says:

    Both my children are grown and amazing, wonderful, loving, giving, people who stand up in public for equality and justice and ethical actions. I have two miracle grands whose lives almost weren’t. One is known by their junior high peers for kindness, academic excellence, common sense thinking, inclusion, and is excels at an individual sport that terrifies me. The younger is bi-lingual, compassionate, kind, performing above age level in school.
    I am lucky beyond measure to have them all in my life…..
    For them and the future; please vote. Do not let the current patriarchy and entitled %ers win………

  9. accm Says:

    Last week my son (4.5) and a friend spent an hour helping the daycare teachers set up for a party, actually doing useful things. Today the daycare teachers gave us some puzzles that were too advanced for most of the kids there, saying that, because my daughter (I have twins) enjoys puzzles so much, they thought my kids would like the challenge.

  10. Leah Says:

    My three year old loves books, her little brother, and life. She is so much fun and so excited about darn near everything. I love it.

    My 6 month old is army crawling (!!). I don’t know how that happened. He’s also eating food like a champ.

    My husband stepped up and graded all the tests for a colleague called away for a family emergency (they teach the same class and gave the same test). The colleague is back now and so appreciative. I’m really proud of him for taking on extra work to help our friend.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Woo! Lots of great big sibs in this group and adorable little sibs too.

      (And also that was very nice of your DH!)

      • Leah Says:

        yes, so fun to hear about great sibs! Makes me glad I had a second.

        Seeing a note above reminded me — I am so proud of our daughter for working hard at gymnastics. She was never a kid we had to yell at for climbing or getting into stuff. We enrolled her in gymnastics to help physical development. She’s still really risk-averse, but she will walk on the balance beam, climb and do small jumps, etc. Her progress over the last year has been great. And she enjoys gymnastics too!

        (still thrown by my DH. He taught class several times for his colleague too. He is one of our best friends here.)

  11. Zenmoo Says:

    My oldest brings joy with her everywhere. She is open and enthusiastic about life. I’m super proud of her choice in friends. Her best friend is a kid who definitely marches to the beat of his own drum. They’ve been BFFs for three years now -and I hope they continue to support each other in the face of mean kids .

    My youngest is just adorable. She looks like a perfect little ballerina and concentrates so hard in class. Her whole self goes into waving ribbons and singing Let it go.

    And they both give the BEST hugs.

  12. Debbie M Says:

    When my grandma died, dad gave about 10% of his inheritance to my mom and she stretched the heck out of it. She went back to college and got a degree, plus got good enough grades that her company reimbursed her for a lot of it. Then she got one of those stomach-shrinking surgeries and lost a lot of weight and then also got the surgery to remove the extra skin she didn’t need.

    My older cousin is a musician who doesn’t need a day job. Amazing!

  13. natalieinne Says:

    Miss Adventure, at 11, is at an age where she’s really starting to make connections between disparate concepts and ask insightful questions. It’s been really fun to watch her grow mentally.

    I’m proud of my 14-year old son because of all the work he’s put into being on the high-school soccer team this year. He’s homeschooled, so it’s extra effort for him to get to practice every day. He couldn’t just walk down from school to practice, but biked himself to practice because I was often at work when he had to go to practice. Even when it was rainy or he didn’t really want to go to practice, he put the effort in and went.

    In fact, I’m proud of both my kids because they’ve had to get themselves ready for sports practice without me there to nag them, and both of them get all their stuff together in time to be picked up or take themselves to practice. It’s been a big burden off my mind.

    (And as an aside, thanks for doing this post – it’s great to see some happy news to break up the national news.)

  14. eemusings Says:

    We drove right past a dog that our reactive dog hates. Windows were down, other dog was out walking with its owner, on the same side of the road (so right by her car window). She stayed calm! Didn’t go nuts and acted more or less like nothing happened despite the close proximity.

  15. Aurora Says:

    My oldest (now 15) came out as gay a year ago, and after I casually enquired whether her school had a Gay-Straight Alliance or similar group, they pretty much single-handedly set one up. They also use their position as a student librarian to persuade the teacher in charge to purchase inclusive YA literature for the library. I am in awe of their courage and determination! They are also awesome at writing, currently doing NaNoWriMo, and wrote an amazing slam poem in defence of their younger sibling who has an intellectual disability. This kid has a great future as an activist :-)

    My youngest, despite his ID, is the happiest kid in the world. This year he is acquiring so many new words and is working super hard on his pronunciation. He is also singing along to YouTube videos and was picked to be the class leader in singing the National Anthem. He can sing it in our country’s indigenous language better than most of his “normal” compatriots.

  16. jjiraffe Says:

    Fun topic! Love this.

    My daughter is so tough. She will work on a math problem heads down for as long as it takes to get it right. She also writes notebooks full of wonderful stories about women striking in 1914 for workers rights.

    My son is such a sweet nice boy, who loves his parents as much as much as loves coding (his greatest passion). He loves Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering and building video games. He makes friends with everyone.

    They are awesome kids.

  17. chacha1 Says:

    The way my DH has stepped up to manage the last phase of our renovation reminds me why I married him. :-) Meanwhile, my 16-yr-old cat is coping admirably with months of upheaval, and I can’t wait to introduce him to his new back yard. I don’t know if this old house cat has ever put his paws on the earth before.

  18. Jenny f Scientist Says:

    My kid is reading LOTR of his own accord! My other kid is learning to read! The third kid is equally mellow about going to preschool and when it’s time to be picked up from preschool!

  19. Linda Says:

    My elderly, reactive dog is doing well behaviorally and physically. She has arthritis, yet still loves to go for short walks every day. Training her how to walk nicely when other dogs are in the area has really paid off. I rarely have to tell her “leave it” to correct her reactions. Next spring she’ll be 15, and I’m seriously thinking of having a “quinceanera” party for her with friends and cake. She brightens my day, gives me joy, and deserves a special party.

  20. chacha1 Says:

    This was a great idea for a post/thread. :-)

  21. SP Says:

    T has been doing an excellent job in shower repair work, and I’m really impressed with his skill and careful attention to detail. On top of this, he has been doing all his usual awesome work stuff, so I’m just impressed with his versatile talents.

    My dog is extremely cute and a very good boy. :)

  22. Minneswiss Says:

    I’m proud of to be part of the N&M community…You all are awesome!

    I’m also proud of my family and new geographic community–they have all been incredibly resilient over the past 6 months.
    – DH, DD (2.5 yo), and I moved to the Napa/Sonoma area in June, where we have been living with my parents while renovating a house. DD settled in well, charms everyone she meets, and is an incredible sponge for learning. DH continues to be supportive and helpful…Not always easy to do here!
    – We had to evacuate twice due to the fires; people, pets, business, and property are all ok–we are very lucky. We spent 10 days with 6 adults, 1 toddler, a 65lb dog and a cat in an 1100 sqft apartment in SF….And everyone is still talking. :)
    – The greater community has really pulled together, and there is thoughtful leadership at all levels looking at the best ways to pool recovery resources and fundraising efforts.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Aw shucks! Thank you for being a member of the Grumpy Nation!

      Sounds like you have a great family and a great community! And we’re glad you’re ok despite the evacuation. (10 days with 6 adults and a toddler/dog/etc and still talking is pretty impressive!)

      • Linda Says:

        Wait, there’s another Grumpeteer in the Napa/ Sonoma, area? How cool! We should wear pins or something so we can recognize each other if our paths cross at Trader Joe’s or something. ;-)

  23. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I’ve been traveling so I missed this! But I have some!

    I adore my husband. He’s such a supportive partner and works really hard at the things we need to work on to make our relationship work well and he works so hard at parenting well when sometimes we have an ungracious or impatient reaction to toddlerhood.

    My kid is a Toddler Tyrant sometimes but only about 25-35% of the time and is a sunny hilarious soul the rest of the time and that seems to be a pretty good ratio in these years. While we have some speech and behavior concerns, I think I’m much less scared that ze will be a narcissistic sociopath because there seems to be one in every generation of our family and knock on wood, that would be such a weight off my heart. Ze is learning how to contribute around the house in age appropriate ways and seems to be on a generally positive path. We have a ways to go but most of the time we really enjoy zir.

    Our dog is fabulous. He’s loving and actively looks out for his human sibling even when ze is in tyrant or bratty younger sibling mode and has more patience than both human adults combined. My only hope is we can find a way to adopt a companion for him and prolong his years with us. He’s visibly aging now and there’s no doubt that JB has been the cause of many of those white hairs :)

  24. Ask the grumpies: Math for ages 0-5 for kids who love math | Grumpy Rumblings (of the formerly untenured) Says:

    […] sometimes it’s easier to mentally add 10 and subtract 1 than it is to add 9 directly).  I am extremely impressed at how much facility DC2 has with numbers right now. Here’s me talking more about the […]

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