Ask the grumpies: What did you enjoy about boarding school?

Leah asks:

What did you enjoy about going to boarding school?

#1: what did I enjoy? boy howdy, where do I even start
it was a paradigm shift that changed everything about my life
The rules and curfews were actually more generous than my mom’s

#2:  I enjoyed being around other smart people.  I enjoyed not being bullied or maliciously teased.  I enjoyed being able to take lots and lots of math classes (though I did eventually run out and had to have CS as my math course one semester).  I enjoyed my boyfriend (now husband)!

3 Responses to “Ask the grumpies: What did you enjoy about boarding school?”

  1. SP Says:

    I didn’t know one of you met your husband in boarding school. Interesting!

    Would you ever send your kids to boarding school?

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      We both did!

      I don’t think DC1 will be going to (public) boarding school because zie has gradeskipped and is just too young. (Indeed, if zie went to boarding school here and then went to the in-state flagship, zie would graduate from college at age 18.) That said, zie did express interest in going to an information day one of these years, so who knows.

      DC2 is only 5, so it’s too early to tell.

      • SP Says:

        Wow, that’s kind of cool! You don’t meet many couples who were high school sweethearts these days. (My parents were, but that was longer ago.) We met in early college, and I still feel we met younger than most couples and that we “grew up together” into real adults.

        I didn’t know public boarding schools were even a thing – great that you have options!

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