Link love: the links concierge

I’m here with a hand-selected variety of tweets, along with any other links we could dredge up for fun or interest.  Please enjoy!

Racism is shitty.

Pumpkin being gross.

For trash people who argue the civil war wasn’t about slavery:

Why is California great?

Get Rich Slowly is going through some changes.

Science is awesome!

Here’s a twitter thread that should have been a blog post, about adoption.

Republican politicians are trash. But you can enroll in Obamacare during open enrollment now!

Don’t forget DST ends this weekend, for those to whom it applies.  Woo.

2 Responses to “Link love: the links concierge”

  1. Solitary Diner Says:

    “White nationalism” just sounds way too benign for what it is. Can we just call it racism?

    Also, reading MyOneScienceTweet is going to occupy a good chunk of my morning.

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