This time late link love isn’t really my fault

My internet went out last night when I tried to do them.  Sure, I could have done them earlier, but it has been an insanely busy week.  (Let’s also ignore the fact that I finished DragonBox big numbers this week.)

Under Trump, Obamacare Shopping is Even More Confusing.  Here’s Huffington Post with an explanation.    The video is also worth watching.

Indivisible has a new website out with a new tool working to get principled people running and winning elections in every congressional district in the country.

More info on the GOP tax cut Also, here’s how it could (partly) destroy higher education in America.  Here’s how it might affect Californians.

At a conference recently, a colleague living in a college town in a blue state who has never so much as seen a Trump sticker in her life yelled at me that we need to be doing more to communicate with Trump supporters and that Trump isn’t racist(?) and when I call him racist I’m alienating people and she’s sure that he has some policies that aren’t racist or enriching himself.  I remember people arguing that *before* the election.  But now.  No.  “we gotta focus on enfranchising and energizing our side“.  In fact, here’s a good response from a logical person.  As David Perry argues in this excellent thread, they are only a problem for Dems if we court them.  Let’s stay the anti-Nazi party!

A discussion of the military and civilians and guns.   A discussion of the military, domestic violence records, and gun background checks.  Back in February, Trump signed a bill revoking Obama-Era gun checks for people with mental illnesses.

This thread is SICKENING.  Here’s where you can give money to Moore’s opponent Doug JonesDoug Jones is a good man who prosecuted the KKK members who killed four little girls in a church bombing in 1963.  A Jones victory would send a signal that it is NOT RIGHT for adults to “date” 14 year old girls, even with “their mother’s permission“.

Who can defend the sexualization of work environments now?

Russian trolls didn’t need to infiltrate the American media because WE LET THEM IN

If the election anniversary is hitting you hard, here’s why.

The election anniversary didn’t hit me too hard, here’s why.

If white characters were described like people of color in literature

Reviews of diverse books

More gems from marking

Why do banana candies taste like not bananas

Why it is TK not TC

10 Responses to “This time late link love isn’t really my fault”

  1. Wow Anger Says:

    The GOP wants to return to the 50’s when way fewer women could work at jobs that could make them financially independent. When marital rape was legal. When college and post graduate work was the domain of men not women, especially women of color; when women were paid 55 or 60 cents to the dollar paid a man. When men were hired and promoted and paid more than women keeping women financially subject to male power. When men could sexually harass and rape women and then say it was thee woman’s fault for existing. When it was common knowledge that women were not as smart as men and were emotional when men were rational. When women could not have credit in their own name.
    And, the college loan thing is absolutely directed at all the women, especially women of color, who are academically now out performing and out-applying for advanced degrees their peer males. The GOP wants women back in their rightful and subjected controlled state of being only sexual objects available to serve men.

  2. Solitary Diner Says:

    The article on professors not having relationships with their students is interesting (and one I would agree on). One of my friends from medical school has been married to her much (much) older grad school advisory committee member for the last 10 years. The whole thing is kind of creepy.

  3. Contingent Cassandra Says:

    Other nice things about Danica Roem: she seems really hard-working and willing to get down in the policy weeds to identify and solve local problems, and she also seems like a really decent person (she basically declined to kick her opponent when he was down, despite his running a truly nasty campaign against her. Not saying anyone else should forgive, or at least forget, that, but she’s the one with standing to decide to “go high” in this case, and she did. That’s a moral choice *I* respect). She’s also got Joe Biden in her cheering section, which isn’t a bad thing for a beginning politician.

    And one other initiative that strikes me as cheering: . It’s a “cross-partisan” effort, so they’re going to end up supporting some Republicans, but realistically, there are places where only a Republican can be elected, and I’m guessing that a recent veteran who’s willing to take the pledge is likely to have at least marginally more sensible ideas on some things — diversity; who needs to own what kinds of firearms and ammunition — than your average red-state resident.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I loved the picture of her crying with happiness after getting off the phone with Biden.

      Our local/state indivisible wants to get principled Republicans to run, but they’re having a lot of difficulty. I think our state party is just too taken over by Fox News watchers. They’re attracting a lot of democrats probably because our state (and local) parties are demoralized and disorganized. That With Honor group sounds great– I hope it expands to come out here, though I’m fairly sure we just give lip service to vets without actually honoring them. Our previous democratic Rep was really good on veterans, but he got gerrymandered out of existence and his tea party Republican replacement is always voting against things that help veterans.

  4. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Now I really want to know why it’s TK and not TC.

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