Ask the readers: How to get the word out about ACA enrollment?

The Trump administration is trying to kill the Affordable Care Act administratively since they’ve failed legislatively.

Open enrollment is open from Nov 1st to Dec 15th this year.  (In previous years, people had the chance to look over their plans during their winter holiday vacation.  This year that’s out.)

The website will be shut down every Sunday from Midnight until noon for “Maintenance” except for Dec 10th.  I assume that’s to keep people from getting help before or after church.

Advertising has been cut, money for people to help navigate the system has been cut.

Then there’s some bizarre stuff going on with the previously most popular “silver” plans– rates on these have skyrocketed because of government malfeasance, and it may actually cost the same (possibly less!) to get a “gold” plan than to get a silver plan.  (“Bronze” plans will cost about the same as before, but are generally high deductible.)

Forbes has an excellent article detailing these and other points as well as giving advice.  Huffington post also has a great article/video giving advice for navigating the system.

I’ve seen various twitter accounts reminding people to sign up for the Affordable Care Act.  But I wonder, what can we do to get to word out to people who don’t follow activists on Twitter?  I’ve posted a sign on my door at work and am considering mentioning it in class.  Most of my students (at least in the past when I’ve asked) are still on their parents’ plans.

Let’s brainstorm… any suggestions for how to get this information out? 

14 Responses to “Ask the readers: How to get the word out about ACA enrollment?”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Oh hey, did you know that your senators are trying to kill the ACA the old-fashioned way, but this time through sneaking it into the tax code? Everyone should call their senator to let them know we’ve noticed and we will not put up with this!

  2. Monica Says:

    I’ve just emailed our local Board of Education to ask if a Blackboard message can be sent out to all district parents. I expect they’ll think it’s a good idea :)

  3. CS Says:

    A friend and I have printed up fliers and are handing them out in our city. The response has been amazing. So many people have said “But I thought Trump killed Obamacare” and then been delighted to know that they can still get insurance.

    The owner of the printshop refused to take payment for making the fliers because she has a pre-existing condition and supports what we are doing.

    A couple of cab drivers have refused to take full fare after I gave them a flier because they were so happy to find out how to get insurance. When I gave one to the guy who delivered pizza to my house, he said he’d been wondering how to sign up. We’ve handed them out at a farmers market, a supportive local thrift store during a special event, etc.

    My suggestion is to just start telling everyone you encounter.

  4. af Says:

    So many people are travelling at Thanksgiving – I wonder if posting flyers at rest stops or airports would help.

  5. This Thanksgiving: Remind people about ACA sign-ups! | Grumpy Rumblings (of the formerly untenured) Says:

    […] you’re out and about with people you don’t normally see, Thanksgiving is a great time to remind people about Affordable Care Act sign-ups!  (And maybe explain that the silver plan prices are going way up but the bronze and gold plan […]

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