This Thanksgiving: Remind people about ACA sign-ups!

If you’re out and about with people you don’t normally see, Thanksgiving is a great time to remind people about Affordable Care Act sign-ups!  (And maybe explain that the silver plan prices are going way up but the bronze and gold plan prices aren’t.)

And hey, if you’re going to be talking about politics, it might be a good time to gently nudge people to do a little bit of activism.  There’s a lot of things to call about.  If your friends and family care about something specific but don’t know what to do, 5Calls probably has a script for it!  If they feel like their Democratic party isn’t helping but they want a group to join, hook them up with Indivisible.   If they want a place to target their money for the 2018 election, tell them about SwingLeft.  If they’d like a list of weekly suggestions, there’s a bunch of choices, like Jennifer Hoffman’s checklist , Wall of Us, or Actions for Americans.

For those of you stuck doing Thanksgiving with neonazis and other bigots because of “family obligations”, you have our sympathy.

In other news, #1’s family has decided on a boring traditional Thanksgiving this year.  Last year we got catering complete with fancy takes on each part of the meal (but the friends we had over have to visit their family this year for various family drama reasons).  The year before we did a vegetarian Thanksgiving with vegetarian friends.  The year before that was duck!  So we’re due for simple again.

Cornbread stuffing
Green bean casserole (it was going to be green bean almondine which is super easy to make, but DC2 expressed a preference for creamy sauce)
sweet potato casserole (my sister is going to make a savory version)
cranberry sauce (my sister has volunteered for this one as well)
apple pie
pumpkin pie
vanilla ice cream

My sister has also decided she wants to bring Brussels sprouts which she and DH can enjoy, DC1 and I can avoid, and DC2 can try to see if zie likes it. We still have some in the freezer from the catering last Thanksgiving…  (Yuck.)

What are your plans?

3 Responses to “This Thanksgiving: Remind people about ACA sign-ups!”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  2. chacha1 Says:

    We did not achieve “plans.” Looks like we will be having pork tenderloin; assorted sweet potatoes; possibly some green peas; King’s Hawaiian rolls; and a bottle of pink bubbly. Because that’s what we have in the fridge & freezer. If I get out of the office early today, I will swing by the grocery store near the house for a pumpkin pie and/or ice cream and some Roscoe’s sweet potato waffles.

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